Mobile CCTV Solutions

Videcom have been building and deploying mobile CCTV systems for many years, branded as our SceneVu range we have a family of cameras that support both the Luxriot and other CCTV platforms, where cameras can be deployed as stand-alone systems or integrated into a central control room or monitoring facility.

Standard options include single camera, single PTZ, Dual Camera and our popular 4 camera SceneVu Panoramic. All SceneVu camera systems support 4G connectivity as well as Wireless connectivity & local connection options via Wi-Fi Hotspot.

SceneVu mobile camera solutions are a minimum of 1080P Full HD resolution and support local real time removable HD recording to HDD or SD card. Recording over mobile or Wireless networks is also possible dependant on available bandwidth, remote viewing can be configured to support lower bandwidth streams.

4G Premium Rapid Re-Deployable Camera

Available March 2020, our latest version 4G camera comes complete with a massive 1 Tbyte monthly data allowing for connection and recording centrally at 1080P. Our cameras are designed to work with both Luxriot EVO and other platforms and are now available for direct ordering from our online store


VNR SceneVu Xecure™ is a Videcom built brand powered by Luxriot EVO. Cameras are built into custom units to suit customer requirements with options for 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi and LAN remote connectivity.

Body Worn

Truly portable body worn cameras with 4G and Wi-Fi options, some models support dual camera.