Dahua 4G Premium Rapid Re-Deployable Camera

Available now for ordering online and complementing our Luxriot 4G PTZ is our 4G enabled 25x PTZ camera with built in 4G router modem. The camera comes complete with a massive 1 Tbyte monthly data allowing for connection and recording centrally at up to 4 MPixel.

How it works using a dynamic IP data solution we are able to provide a direct network connection over 4G to the camera utilising Dahua proprietary P2P allowing connection directly to your DSS or iVSS server as well as being viewable and controllable through Dahua Smart PSS and their mobile applications iDMSS & gDMSS.

Audio Out: By adding local speaker and micro-amplifier to the camera you can have audio out at the camera, with near real time messaging from VMS such as Dahua DSS Express. Our audio out options come complete with Videcom Audio Director allowing use of pre-recorded messages, text to speech and text translation through Google services, subject to licence.

Working with Dahua Servers >>

Working with Dahua

Dahua DSS Pro and iVSS servers support Register a function that allows cameras and other devices such as recorders to connect over the internet without the need for fixed IP addresses or multiple advanced port forwarding. Your server will need to be connected to the internet and simple single port allocated for the Register service, once enabled cameras can be added to the system with unique UAC per camera. Once connected to the internet you Dahua camera will automatically log onto your DSS Pro server and a permanent secure tunnel for video transmission will be created.

Working with Dahua P2P >>

Working with Dahua P2P

Dahua P2P offers users will an alternative method of connecting to their cameras and recording devices. A simple enable function within your camera/recorder will then enable this service and your camera will be connected to the Dahua cloud server. Using many of the Dahua software applications including Smart PSS, DSS Express, DMSS mobile applications or IMOU users can gain easy secure access to their CCTV; IMOU also offers cloud storage options.

  • 4G PTZ for Dahua

    4G PTZ for Dahua

    4G Premium Rapid Re-Deployable Camera
  • 4G PTZ for Dahua

    Dahua DMSS

    Dahua DMSS Movile CCTV Viewer

4G PTZ for Dahua

4 MegaPixel Starvis™ Sensor

25 x Zoom Lens

Built in IR Upto 100M

Built in 4G Router/Modem

4G Mobile Data (1 Tbyte per Month)

Designed to work with Dahua™

Dahua Smart PSS Compatable

256Mb onboard Storage

Cloud Storage Options

Dahua iDMSS & gDMSS

Dahua Mobile CCTv Viewer

Supports IOS™ and Andriod™

Connect to servers, cameras and Intercoms

Connect over P2P or IP

Supports Multiple Sites and Users

h.264 & h.265 live/playback

Alarm push support for AI amd Motion

Works over mobile data and broadband