Dahua Portable CCTV

Truly portable fully integrated CCTV, the Dahua MSB-L200 Pan Tilt and Zoom camera is a fully feature Starlight equipped camera system with built in SD Card recording, 4G mobile Modem, Wireless, Wi-Fi AP and LAN connectivity complete with 9 hour battery and magnetic quick install base.

Breaking new ground in cost and performance is the all-new 2018 model MSB-L200 Mobile redeployable 4G 1080P PTZ RDC camera. Incorporating the same features as Videcom's own RDC SceneVu cameras the MPT-L200 adds additional flexibility with built in 9 hour battery & magnetic base facilitating immediate and rapid deployment scenarios with the battery also capable of providing UPS support.

The MSB-L200 can be powered through an external mains adapter or directly from a 6-36 VDC supply allowing a wide range of power opportunities including vehicle power, solar and other renewables.

The MSB-L200 when combined with a control room Dahua DSS-Mobile platform delivers significantly better transmission utilising proprietary compression reducing data usage, allowing smoother and higher resolution image reception combined with the on-board micro-SD card recording capability over 4G and Wi-Fi.

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RDC Connectivity

Connecting CCTV is all about network paths, the Dahua MSB-L200 can connect through Dahua's own proprietary P2 Pier to Pier networking solution enabling image reception and camera control direct to mobile and desktop applications without any additional hardware, this option delivers stand CCTV services only.

When combining the camera with the Dahua powerful mobile enabled DSS you can experience higher performance with direct to site connectivity, you are also able to take advantage of the built in GPS, Alarm and Audio capabilities of the camera as well as smart PTZ positioning, live mapping and connection to a wide range of other Dahua equipment including recorders, Intercoms, body worn technology and smart CCTV services.

The camera can connect over standard mobile data networks utilising 3G & 4G, there are no external aerials unless deploying the optional additional auxiliary GPS. The built-in wireless capability can be used to connect to a wireless Access Point, standard LAN connection is also supported.

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MSB-L200 Specification

The Camera, Extreme Low Light Starlight CMOS image sensor combined with 6-180mm 30 times optical zoom and up to 1920 x 1080 2 MPixel resolution. Equipped with starlight CMOS image sensor, the camera achieve 30 times optical zoom, the resolution up to 1920 x 1080, perfect display of low illumination environment.

Weighing in at 4.87 Kg including the integral 9 hour battery and only 280mm tall with a 170.5mm maximum diameter the Dahua MSB-L200 from Videcom Security meets the demanding requirements of the majority of RDC deployment scenarios.

Power 24 VDC nominal (6-36), 20W IR Off, 24W IR On and 56 W during PTZ operation, fully IP 65 rated with a working temperature range -20 ~ 55 °C

  • Dahua Portable CCTV


    Dahua MSB-L200 Fully Portable RDC camera
  • Dahua Portable CCTV


    Dahua MSB-L200 Mobile 4G camera rear view


Resource saving low bit stream transmission

WDR, 3D DNR, perfect day / night image display

Built in lithium battery, up to 9 hours usage

Flexible network auto adapting wired, 3G/4G and Wi-Fi

Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, support Wi-Fi AP

Built-in GPS module, an external GPS antenna is optional

OLED mini screen, displays working state

Dual TF card for local storage

IR distance up to 100 meters

Lens heating and fog removal

Magnetic composite base


280mm high

170.5mm diameter

4.87 Kg including battery

Power 24 VDC (6-36 wide range)

10 Amp Hour inbuilt Battery

Aviation Style Connectors

IR distance up to 100m