ICO Registration Z9690479

All data handled by the Company is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Company has extended responsibilities with regard to video data belonging to Clients which the company employees may have cause to temporally handle, possess or copy.

In such circumstances any Client video data source and images remain the property of the Client and must be secured from access or viewing by unauthorized persons. All such video data must only be returned to a duly authorized representative of the Client.

No viewing or copying of video data is to be carried out unless requested in writing by an authorized person on behalf of the Client.

All such video data should be handled and processed in accordance with the operational procedures employed by the St Albans CCTV Control Room which comply with the evidential requirements of the UK Policing and Justice system, unless specifically instructed by the Client owner of the data to do otherwise.

As a SIA registered company, Videcom is duty bound to advise any Client on the correct procedures in handling video data.

The majority of video data is subject to third party Code of Practice protocol which should advise on the duration that such data will be kept before erasure. Provided a Videcom employee has been advised of this overwrite date, the Company employee will advise the authorized Client representative if that date has been exceeded and return the video data for erasure.

The Company will also treat all other data, specifically on paper, belonging to a client as confidential including site and equipment information which may from time to time be placed in the Company or its employees safe keeping.