SceneVu by Videcom

The Videcom SceneVu brand covers a host of mobile CCTV options from standalone locally recorded systems through to 5G and 4G mobile network connected live streaming systems. All our current SceneVu models are a minimum of 1080P and powered by either Luxriot EVO or Dahua Mobile technology.

SceneVu Panoramic is by far our most popular mobile RDC camera, built with either 4 dome or bullet static cameras these units provide excellent 180° coverage from a fixed column or building.

All Videcom VNR SceneVu Xecure™ RDC assemblies come with built in recording and options for 4G and GPS positioning technology, working stand alone or as part of an integrated CCTV system using 4G or wireless connectivity plus local Wi-Fi/LAN connection for bulk downloads.

  • Videcom 4 Camera RDC

    Panoramic SceneVu

    Videcom VNR SceneVu Xecure™ Panoramic
  • Videcom Single Camera RDC

    SceneVu Cyclops

    Videcom VNR SceneVu Xecure™ Cyclops single camera RDC

SceneVu Panoramic

4 off 1080P Cameras

Electronic motorised vari-focal lens & IR

Single 240 VAC supply

Local real-time HD Recording

Remote Alarm recording

4G & Wireless Connectivity

GPS & Health Monitoring

SceneVu Cyclops

Single Camera Unit

Lightweight Construction

Battery Option

External PSU

3G, 4G, Wi-Fi

Edge Recording

Electronic motorised vari-focal lens & IR

PTZ Options

Cloud Storage Options