360° Panoramic Surveillance

Dahua's latest panoramic vehicle-mounted camera is designed for 360° coverage in wide ranging light conditions from normal daylight down to starlight

The Dahua DH-SDT-8P440-12P2-WA-EHJ camera integrates with the in-vehicle control equipment including digital recording, joystick control and display. Other cameras may also be installed. All equipment is designed to be compatible with the DHVC2 vehicle-level standard of 8 to 36V DC.

The Dahua DH-SDT-8P440-12P2-WA-EHJ camera provides a panoramic view with 6 starlight sensor splicing, 180° in front and back. Detail camera support 4MP resolution & 40x optical zoom. It incorporates a Tri-Channel Intelligent system, supporting ANPR, FR, black list, metadata, etc.

The camera also incorporates a built in G-sensor, GPS receiver and supports 4G peripherals.

  • Dahua 360° Panoramic Camera


    Dahua DH-SDT-8P440-12P2-WA-EHJ Camera
  • Typical Application

    Law Enforcement

    Vehicle mounted camera

Dahua 360° Panoramic Camera

Panoramic 360°,180° in front and back (2Mp x 6)

Detail camera, 40x optical zoom (4Mp)

Starlight+, 1/1.8" sensor (panoramic and detail)

Pan range: 0°–360° endless

Tilt range: -/+ 90°

White light distance:30m (detail only)

Environmental: IP67

Temperature:-40°C ~ 70°C

Typical Application

360° panoramic camera

Additional thermal camera

Additional dome camera

Dashboard joystick control

Dashboard display

Digital Recording