Searchable MetaData

Facial Recognition

  • Gender
  • 6 types: Age group ranges
  • Is subject wearing glasses
  • 11 types: Mood & Expression
  • Mask or Beard Detection


Human Body

  • Top: Colour & Type
  • Bottom: Colour & Type
  • Is subject wearing a cap
  • Bag & Umbrella detection
  • Age and Gender

With the above data variables users are able to search for missing persons, persons of interest or those at risk. Retail security systems can be semi-automated reducing operator workload, and for example educational focused safety video surveillance can be set to detect intruders with thresholds to ignore pupils.

Motor Vehicle Data

  • Number Plate
  • Plate colour
  • Vehicle body shape
  • Vehicle manufacturer
  • Driver using phone ?
  • Driver wearing seatbelt ?
  • Registered Country

Non Motor Vehicle

  • Vehicle type
  • Model & Make
  • Vehicle colour
  • Number of passengers
  • Are helmets being used ?

Searching for vehicles based on partial information is made much easier with the inclusion of all the additional metadata, searching on part index of registration mark plus colour or vehicle type can greatly speed up search and result times.

  • Collecting Metadata

    AI Metadata explained
  • Searching Metadata

    Metadata searching
  • Number Plate Recognition

    Metadata searching

Metadata Collection

Metadata: A set of data that describes and gives information about other data.

Metadata Searching

Metadata: Searching the data, search for features combined with Time and Date.