Web Design

Using a pre-formatted css-based template this website has been fully designed in-house. We use various web tools and languages including html, php & javascript. This same technology is commonly used to communicate with IP cameras and recorders through HTTP APi integration. Starting with simple commands to operate wipers or lights, though to full telemetry control and protocol translation.

Software Design

Videcom have a range of CCTV and ANPR focused software products including control room software designed to provide an interface layer between Luxriot EVO and traditional analogue CCTV systems. Our Database design driven software ANPR Manager delivers comprehensive functionality, advanced searching and data analysis of ANPR data, including journey time, repeat visitor data and alert and alarm management.

Multiuser Solutions

Multi-user systems: Our web hosted online service portal is an example of a complex multi-user hosted database solution developed and built by Videcom. Our systems are designed to streamline and enhance our customer experience delivers secure client connectivity to shared service data and installation works.

Other solutions include front-end user dashboards, focused at delivering control room software through a common interface combined with instant messaging, fault and system performance data.

Control Room Tools

Videcom Control Room Tools are designed to work with Luxriot and other VMS and NVR brands.

Audio Director: Designed to allow the sending of audio files and text to speech direct to camera speaker. Invaluable allowing operators the ability to send multi-lingual messaging. Also supports text to Google translate to allow operators to send messaging in specific languages.

Protocol conversion: Designed to convert analogue telemetry commands such as Pelco P to IP allowing the real time control of IP cameras from analogue CCTV systems, used primarily during a CCTV upgrade program to allow migration to IP. Operator selects camera using analogue keyboard, software converts to IP and allows display of camera using DVR.