CCTV Technology

CCTV, no longer a simple closed video security system delivering low resolution grainy images with basic control; Although we still refer to the term CCTV its higher definition high resolution video surveillance with the ability to share video resources safely and securely to a wider audience within your organisation. Video based security systems have evolved though the inclusion of smarter technology, whether this is advanced imaging through starlight™ sensors, advanced edge analytics, Facial, ANPR and Vehicle recognition or a simple move to full frame capture we can clearly demonstrate that technology has revolutionised conventional video surveillance.

Open Architecture VMS

Luxriot EVO, a Microsoft Windows based server and client open architecture video management system is often our recommended control and recording platform. EVO a culmination of many years of development is a strongly developed and well thought out platform supporting almost every video surveillance camera manufacture on the market as well as legacy support for older systems. EVO extends this integration to several access control platforms, as well as connectivity to YouTube and Facebook RTSP video streaming.

Video Analytics

Probably one of the most developed sector of the CCTV industry is video analytics the post or real time processing of the digital video image, with enhanced resolution comes greater detail and with this image improvement comes better opportunity to process the video data. Built into many cameras are capability such as object left/object removed detection, line crossing alarms, face capture, heat maps (software feature in Luxriot EVO) as well as advanced motion.

These functions are standard and can be integrated to Luxriot recording solutions, smarter cameras also support edge (at the camera), ANPR, Facial Detection and Facial Recognition, as well as local backup recording to SD again integrated with Luxriot.

Monitoring & Configuration

Connecting to cameras using IP enables greater remote configuration of camera functions, cameras can be configured globally, can be monitored using SNMP to monitor bandwidth and operation. Camera maintenance can in the main part be carried out remotely from the camera, reducing downtime, disruption and cost. Technology helps us deliver a greener CCTV solution, reducing life cost, onsite maintenance as well as allows us to centrally store configuration, check camera audit logs and be kept informed of overall system performance.

Complete Integration

Where wider tried and tested integration is required, Videcom will also look to recommend designs from Veracity iComply. Delivered through VTAS Pro, this nationally recognised platform is an integration enabler, working with a host of manufactures such as Bold, Axis, Luxriot, BT Redcare, WCCTV, Synectics and Meyertech to name but a few VTAS Pro is the integration Control Room Video and Incident Management platform of choice for many municipal control rooms.