ANPR and Videcom ANPR Manager has been a mainstay installation product of ours for over 20 years, originally working on systems for Border Agencies and Police we have developed our own ANPR Manager software suite to manage, monitor and display ANPR data for car parks, municipal sites, Town and City Centre as well as continuing our relationship with law enforcement while extending our market into garages, journey time systems, road surveys and ANPR Access Control for gates and barriers.

Number Plate Reading is a commonly used technology, the reading and storing of metadata captured from passing vehicles. This data can be used to enable easy searching of recorded CCTV footage as well as building an understanding of traffic flow through a site, housing estate or road works.

Videcom ANPR manager can also encrypt licence plate information and store this information is a format that can be used for traffic surveys where the original source data number plate information is not in a format that could be used to identify individual vehicles.

When considering any system that stores additional Metadata for example colour of vehicle, type & make and registration mark it is important to make sure proper consideration has been made to the security of this data, data retention policies, information requests and data access policies. Videcom ANPR manager has been designed with these considerations in mind, ensuring proper safe and secure data.