Low Light Technology

As far back as 2015, in CCTV terms a millennium ago, Dahua introduced Starlight technology, and as the name implies, these cameras early cameras had enhanced low light performance. Prior to the likes of starlight, delivering real-time low light images, we saw cameras with slow shutter or integration the art of stitching images together until it looked OK. Unfortunately, this solution resulted in motion blur, we could see someone or something moving in the image but had no real clue who why or what they were doing.

Starlight, and now Starlight+ is still about image processing but it starts with the lens, which is carefully matched with the image sensor. Then the image sensor and advanced electronics processing the video are all designed to deliver image processing across a wide dynamic range in very low light conditions. There are other smart features such as Smart Scene Adaption but the best way to see the low light Starlight performance of a Dahua camera is to try one for yourself.

Dahua Starlight, CCTV low light images