The Cameras

Dahua Technology delivers solutions for our customers, through a wide choice of camera technologies available in many cases in IP and HDCVI versions our designs focus on maximising video quality and performance whilst maintaining lower life costs for system ownership.

One of the great benefits of modern IP cameras is the ability to easily remotely adjust the configuration of cameras, allowing for different settings day and night, smart adjustment of InfraRed illumination and remote manipulation of shutter and exposure settings.

Many of our camera options can be powered PoE, PoE plus or over the COAX, removing the need for costly local power. These options also simplify power backup and emergency power provision for mission critical CCTV applications.

Network camera technology also allows users remote connectivity and remote viewing, Dahua cameras also support Amazon Alexa™ Show devices using the IMOU skill, delivering smarter home CCTV solutions.

  • ECO Savvy Bullet

    Dahua ECO Savvy Bullet Camera
  • Fixed Dome Camera

    Dahua Dome Camera
  • Lite Series Camera

    Dahua Lite Series CCTV camera
  • Panoramic Multi-Sensor

    Dahua Panoramic Camera
  • Ultra Smart Camera

    Dahua Ultra-Smart CCTV
  • Positioning Systems

    Dahua Positioning Systems
  • Anti Corrosion CCTV Cameras

    Dahua Anti Corrosion Stainless Cameras
  • 5M Pixel Fisheye Camera

    Dahua Fisheye Camera
  • 180° Panoramic

     Dahua 180 ° Panoramic Multi-Sensor CCTV camera
  • Video Door Bells

     Dahua DB11 Video Door Bell

Dahua ECO Savvy Bullet Camera

Dahua CCTV Dome Camera

Dahua Lite Series CCTV Camera

Dahua Panoramic Multi-Sensor Camera

Dahua Ultra-Smart CCTV Camera

Dahua Positioning CCTV Camera

Dahua Stainless Steel CCTV Camera

Dahua Fisheye Camera

180 ° Panoramic Multi-Sensor CCTV camera

Dahua DB11 Video Doorbell