Please refer to OFCOM main web site, this information is provided in good faith and is designed to give a very brief overview of licencing requirements for Self Coordinated wireless links.

E Band Wireless: 73.375 - 75.875 GHz and 83.375 - 85.875 GHz;

Fixed terrestrial millimetre-wave point to point links, typically for short hop high capacity wireless access and infrastructure networks. The 73.375 - 75.875 GHz and 83.375 - 85.875 GHz band is available in the UK under a light licensed process for point to point fixed wireless applications. The cost of these licences depending on back office management typically vary from £60 to £120 per annum per link.

Videcom can arrange and manage these licences on your behalf. For longer distances a full licence will be required and these vary in price based on distance, demand and availability, in all cases these licences must be fully in place before a design can be implemented.

Extract licencing information from OFCOM website.