The Technology

Videcom incorporate 2 main technology partners into our 5Ghz wireless designs these are SilverNet and InfiNet, both manufactures offer unique selling points and we look to best match their technologies within our designs. We also deploy to a lesser degree Ubiquiti and Cambium wireless links. Videcom also enjoy a healthy working relationship with Purdicom an independent distributor who are able to add value to our designs though their extended equipment and installation knowledge database.

SilverNet Company Logo


Tried and tested wireless technology, easy to deploy secure wireless technology with added value through their free to deploy Silverview wireless monitoring. SilverNet manufacture a range of 5GHz radio sets to suit most installation requirements and they remain our first point of contact for the majority of our wireless deployments.

InfiNet Company Logo


    "InfiNet Wireless aims to deliver industry-leading performance, unparalleled reliability and lowest cost of ownership in high-capacity wireless networking infrastructure solutions, enabling our customers to build thriving, profitable businesses."   Infinet Mission Statement

InfiNet wireless solutions are helping Videcom win market share in the delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance of high performance street level secure wireless networks.

InfiNet Wireless