Videcom SceneVu RDC Cameras
HD IP Cluster & PTZ RDC Mobile CCTV, with WI-Fi, Broadband, 3 & 4G support. Camera units include remote FTP upload, GPS & Health Monitoring together with Live dial-in real-time cameras viewing and up to a total of 8 MPixel of 24/7 HD CCTV coverage. The camera modules can be set up remotely over 3G allowing for view adjustment post installation. Supplied complied with Videcoms own SceneVu Connect.
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Videcom Anpr Installations
The Videcom VNR ANPR engine has now been updated to FULL HD IP with image resolution now six times that of conventional analogue ANPR. Camera technologies now allow the installation of Full HD IR corrected cameras with progressive scan technology. Motion blur and pixel limitation of plate size are now a thing of the past.
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SilverNet PtP Wi-Fi
Silvernet Public Space Wifi
SilverNet Ltd, Videcoms preferred Point to Point Wi-Fi hardware manufacturer, is a UK company that specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance cost-effective wireless networking devices. Over the past 12 years SilverNet have gained an excellent reputation in the Wireless market as a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and supply of Indoor and Outdoor wireless solutions.
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Videcom Products
Facial Recognition and Capture
Videcom boast a range of IP Video, Analytical and Mobile CCTV applications and products. From our OEM VNR Video management Systems though to mobile 3G and 4G SceneVu cameras. Videcom VNR, SceneVu and Xecure IP products are designed to ease the path through integration of IP and ONVIF video devices..
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Meyertech Solar
Meyertech Integrated Systems
Videcom are a certified Meyertech enterprise integration partner. Videcom have been installing Meyertech based command and control CCTV systems since the late 1990's and continue to maintain and install a wide range of Meyertech products.

Meyertech are an open platform ONVIF compliant analogue and digital control systems integration manufacturer.
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Traditional CCTV
Traditional analogue CCTV camera maintenance and installation is still a major part of our daily business from small shop systems through to multi-town and city public space safety CCTV systems. Many of these systems can benefit from upgrade to Full HD and Videcom have designed ONVIF upgrade paths allowing hybrid integration and extending the life of some of the analogue systems.
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Intruder Detection
Using the full range of Honeywell Galaxy security panels and detectors our monitored intruder detection solutions are a popular choice and addition to many security solutions. Monitoring options over IP, traditional digital communicator and mobile networks.
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Finger Print Access
Simple to use, Biometric Access Control, often used in conjunction with a PIN for additional levels of security. Videcom install a variety of biometric systems including Finger Print, Iris and Facial recognition.
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