Luxriot EVO & i-PRO Active Guard Integrated Systems

i-PRO Active Guard

Active Guard enables sophisticated object, people, vehicle search, and deep analytics. With the Active Guard integrations, security professionals using Luxriot EVO will no longer have to spend time looking at multiple screens for persons or vehicles of interest or watch hours of recorded video to search for important events. EVO and Active Guard are unified into a single interface for a simplified surveillance workflow that reduces human error. Operators can search for people by attributes such as gender, age, and clothing color. Similarly, vehicle searches based on type, color and direction of travel are easily achieved. Operators can also search for faces that have been specifically captured to a watchlist.

Luxriot EVO S

Luxriot Evo S is a new-generation of security and video surveillance software from Luxriot, offering a fast and scalable stand-alone single-server managed IP Video solution that truly answers your security needs. With all the benefits of the Luxriot security and video surveillance monitoring system core, proven to be high-quality and reliable and now upgraded to the 64-bit Microsoft Windows version, it adds an even more intuitive user interface and better functionality, as well as a long list of new features and supported add-ons.