ANPR Networks

ANPR transaction data comes in 2 parts: Text & Image. The Text information includes Licence Plate, Lane Number & Time/Date with the Imaging often being an overview and a plate extract. Additional information can be made available depending on camera or system including plate nationality. Importantly all this information is digital, we can therefore use our networking tools to get data back to a central location.

Many of our ANPR solutions use remote cameras and a small computer to manage the data locally, package up the images and forward these to a secure server over VPN or FTP. This allows for installations to use low cost broadband or 4G mobile data and with a computer on site we can add remote support allowing for remote configuration and maintenance of the ANPR read location.

Networking also extends to RS485 data to manage and control LED signage and road barriers or gates as well as alarm handling where alerts are given network traffic priority with reporting to ANPR Manager or direct via SMS Text or Email to mobile devices.

We also have a built in web interface for mobile devices allowing connection to the ANPR data and display of vehicle images and alarms. ANPR from Videcom is a truly connected solution.