The Technology

Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on video images to read vehicle registration plates. Decoded information is then referenced to country syntax rules helping ensure reliability of read data.

ANPR technology is in use in many vertical markets including law enforcement, traffic speed management, access control and parking management. Videcom ANPR systems have in the past been used as part of police and other law enforcement focused ANPR systems with back office data sharing. Our commercial systems are customer focused and do not have a direct connection to external police databases.

Rapid technological developments have allowed manufacturers, such as our technology partner Dahua to enable camera-side edge ANPR technology. This means that ANPR can now be widely deployed to improve efficiency and security without any majorly impacting on project cost.

In addition, this Dahua camera-side ANPR can be more cost-effective and energy efficient than traditional server-side ANPR analytic solutions.

ANPR Reading Technology ANPR Reading Technology ANPR Reading Technology