Remote Support

Videcom Maintenance Services

Remote Support
Videcom remote support is designed to enable our engineers temporary and managed remote access to you CCTV systems for configuration, fault finding and repair. All remote connections are logged and managed through our service portal.

Installing TeamViewer can allow for unattended remote support if required, this is protected by site ID and password and is again all logged centrally. Quick Remote allows for Ad Hoc connectivity with user prompting for permissions and maintaining the remote access session.

Online Support

  • Videcom Street Works
    Videcom Street Works
    Videcom engineers are trained to work safely in towns and city centres installing public space CCTV systems. The Street Works 2013 is available for download.

Videcom Team

  • Videcom Sales
    Sales and Marketing
    Ron Johnson: Chairman with overall responsibility for Videcom and its personnel, Ron has owned and operated Videcom Security since 1985 and has always strived to provide a technically competent, cost effective high quality service for his customers. Ron heads the CCTV and Access Control sales team.
  • Videcom Digital Support
    Videcom Digital Support
    Bill Mead MD: is our Digital Systems Manager. 23 plus years experience of Digital CCTV Systems including Videcom VNR and EVO, Videcom ANPR, SceneVu Mobile 4G RDC Cameras, Panasonic iPro, Synectics Synergy, UVMS, Wavestore & Vigilant as well as command and control systems by Meyertech, Synectics and i-Comply.
  • Videcom Engineering
    Videcom Engineering
    Robert Oakes: is our Senior inhouse Project Support Engineer.

Support Resources

  • Videcom Online
    Support Login

    Comming Soon: Customer support login area, available only for paid up support customers.
  • Videcom Production
    Production Services
    Mark Blackburn: Production Manager, responsible for all parts supply and allocation. Manages workshop repairs and manufacturer returns and oversees our fleet of vehicles, access platforms and plant. Employed by Videcom for 15 years with a vast experience of all CCTV procurement and CCTV supply chains.
  • Videcom Engineers
    Videcom Engineering
    The Engineers: Videcom are proud of their engineers, who are trained in both service and installation procedures. Continuous training update courses for site safety awareness, hydraulic platform operation and street works are undertaken annually. Videcom boast a well below industry turnover of staff with engineer service typically in excess of ten years.
  • Videcom Engineers
    North East Engineering
    Scunthorpe Offices: Our regional offices in Scunthorpe serving the North East is our base for serving CCTV & Access Control installation and maintenance contracts from Lincoln in the south and covering Gainsborough, Doncaster, Scunthorpe, East Riding of Yorkshire, Beverly through to Scarborough and Whitby to the north of our operational area.
  • VNR Software & Updates
    Updates to our VNR digital IP Video Management Solutions; Firmware Upgrades and software patches will appear here.