Luxriot  Evo Global
Videcom Xecure powered by Luxriot® Evo Global is the latest generation and evolution of IP ONVIF VMS CCTV software solutions, advanced video management combined with;

    • IOS thin client
    • Video wall
    • Archive replication
    • Central server
    • Failover duplicity
    • Video stream distribution
    • Evo® Xecure was previewed at IFSEC this year, and was officially launched on the 1st July 2016.

      Email Videcom sales for further Videcom Video Network Recorder Xecure information, or download latest Luxriot pdf.

      Xecure is available on our mobile SceneVu 4G cameras combining integration for our RDC cameras as well as FTP image upload and real time video streaming from mobile device direct to control room.
What is Xecure
Xecure VMS Overview
Xecure is a complete global IP video surveillance solution; A scalable enterprise ONVIF video security solution, delivery high quality reliable digital IP Video CCTV and event management across multiple sites and network topologies.

The software has been designed with the tried and tested core of Luxriot VMS, the engine behind the Videcom VNR, the quality and reliability of which has been proven worldwide over the last decade.

The all new faster 64bit development of the software, is the culmination of over 2 years of focused concentrated development and testing and delivers users with a flexible diverse enterprise video management solution.

Xecure, powered by EVO is available through your Luxriot Partner & Installer Videcom Security Ltd. Videcom are an OEM integrator of Luxriot products, adding value, features and functionality demanded by our corperate, government and municipal customers.
Xecure Features
Videcom Xecure Features
    • All new 64Bit Core
    • Built in Video Wall Options
    • Comprehensive Events Manager
    • New Edge Recording options
    • Auto Failover Server
    • Distributed Archive options
    • Maps and Site Navigation
    • Mobile video streaming
    • Easy Replay & Export
    • Comprehensive User Management
    • Built in Audit and Error Logs
    • Multiple Client Options
    • Configurable Software Watchdogs
    • Email and Xecure SMS Text reporting

Xecure Complete is the enterprise version of the Xecure family, other versions include Xecure, designed for smaller systems up to 96 video devices, and Xecure Basic available in 9 or 16 device versions.

Xecure in Summary

Xecure is one of the most comprehensive enterprise-level VMS solutions on the market, cost competitive and featuring interactive maps linked to alarms; an advanced event and action manager; analytics tools; video wall support and other user intuitive components.

Ensuring the safety of your recorded video, audio and event data, Xecure also offers edge recording for synchronising all data with IP devices storage, archive replication, advanced system health monitoring and failover, helping reduce disruption of video surveillance recordings to zero, particularity where Wi-Fi transmission, Broadband and 4G has been deployed.

Xecure is a solution designed for all IP Video management requirements, fully scalable, with extensive easy to follow configuration and supported through Videcom combined certificated Luxriot Training and manufacture support.

Xecure is our own Videcom OEM version of Luxriot EVO, Xecure comes with all the features of EVO combined with Videcom enhanced integration options, intallation and support.