Commercial Wi-Fi Solutions.

Silvernet Wi-Fi Installations

SilverNet Ltd, Videcoms preferred Wi-Fi hardware manufacturer, is a UK company that specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance cost-effective wireless networking devices. Over the past 12 years SilverNet have gained an excellent reputation in the Wireless market as a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and supply of Indoor and Outdoor wireless solutions. Why not contact our Wi-Fi sales department for an obligation free survey and quotation.

Wi-Fi Terms Explained

Wireless 80GHz PtP Transmission

80 GHz 2.5 KM fully licenced data links with upto2 Gbit trouble free through the air data throughput, with the reliability and feel of fibre optic connections.

The 80GHz Backhaul link is a Full-Outdoor, full IP Next Generation Microwave radio, operating in the E-Band with 2 Gbps net throughput and its zero-footprint characteristic, the SilverNet 80GHz Backhaul is the ideal solution for ultra-high capacity wireless links in urban environments. Download further Silvernet Information.

Silvernet Long Haul 240 Mbit

Videcom Install outdoor Wireless Bridge links providing a secure long range transmission system (up to 60KM) with built in dual polarised 25dBi antenna.

Enhanced features include MIMO spatial multiplexing, ultrafast radio speed, giving the Silvernet MAX unparalleled data throughput capabilities; available in the duplex versions 95Mbps, 240Mbps or 500Mbs. Download at Silvernet.

For our latest 60GHz solutions please click here.

Videcom Installation

Secure Wi-Fi Installation is a major part of Videcoms Business, with extensive managed Wi-Fi networks in many Town & city Centres including the City of Cambridge, Richmond Twickenham, Watford and St. Albans. Videcom trained and competent engineers are proficient at working safely in the field, at height, utilising Hydraulic Platforms. We are an experienced national installer with well over 10 years Wi-Fi Installation, server and maintenance pedigree.


Community Safety Wi-Fi CCTV: 2004 - St. Albans City and District Council introduced Wi-Fi PtP links connecting up a city wide ANPR traffic monitoring solution that was connected both over broadband and PtP long distance Back Haul links

A first for Videcom and the start of a major push towards wireless IP transmission for both digital video CCTV, Mobile and security data traffic. The city of St. Albans also deploy our SceneVu Mobile cameras with some connected back over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G"

and from these prestigious roots to more recently.... 2012-13 -Cambridge City Wi-Fi Conversion. Installation of Wavesight Wi-Fi into City Centre and Coe CCTV encoders and decoders for real time digital CCTV transmission.

2014- Extensive Wi-Fi PtP, using SilverNet has seen the introduction throughout North Lincolnshire of secure high reliability free to air links, including our high capacity digital link utilising the south tower of the Humber Bridge. From this vantage point we have been able to competitively extend the reach of the CCTV systems without impacting on revenue streams.

2014- Watford Town Centre large municipal Wi-Fi and fully digital control room. Next generation CCTV solutions, complete IP digital solution with Wi-Fi and PtP 80 GHz licenced transmission links offering near fibre through the air transmission performances.

Since 1998 to 2014, Videcom have been recognised as a major City and Town Centre CCTV installer and maintenance provider. Tenders awarded for London boroughs of Kingston upon Thames and Richmond Borough Council, Broxbourne Borough Council, Ipswich Borough Council, Babergh District Council, Lincoln City Council, Beverley Town Council, Scarborough Borough Council, Scunthorpe - North Lincs Council and Welwyn and Hatfield District Council.

Why invest in Wi-Fi ?

  • Cost saving & Revenue generation:

    Secure, free to air and low cost licenced Wi-Fi provides high capacity secure digital data transmission into towns, schools & colleges, commercial industrial estates, shopping centres and sports stadiums. Once installed these low energy transmission systems provide years of trouble free, low maintenance IP transmission options with cost benefits over rental and revenue generation possibilities.

    At Videcom it's not just about CCTV and transmission of IP HD cameras over IP we look to diversify our designs to include revenue and payback on your investments. Through Public Facing Wi-Fi, Micro Cell, Staff field network access, bandwidth sharing, traffic and car park management, pedestrian monitoring and flow analysis to name but a few of the available options.

    The high capacity public space CCTV Wi-Fi networks are easily adapted to bring in other services and utilising secure network segregation we are able to deliver a range of digital services and deliver smarter city solutions.

    Larger schemes we may look to bring in technology partners such as Intechnologywifi who help us to deliver diversity in our wireless designs and maximise the opportunity for commercialisation of the transmission systems. Intech are a market leader delivering public space free to user Wi-Fi without time limitation and boast market share both is Town and City Centres as well as football stadiums, large public spaces and secure Wi-Fi delivery to major outdoor concerts and festivals.

  • Videcom Quality & Service
    At Videcom it is all about Quality, Partnership and Service together with commitment to project delivery, cost competitive solutions and provision of systems for safer neighbourhoods.

    Videcom Security, Secure in our vision.

  • Raising Standards

    Videcom are an ISO 9001 and environmentally friendly ISO 14001 company dedicated to the continual improvement of our products and services whilst reducing the energy footprint and environmental impact of our products and services.

    All our Wireless Wi-Fi CCTV designs and services are continuously adapted and monitored to ensure we maintain the highest levels of service whilst minimising costs for our customers.