Videcom VNR Servers & Software

Our Videcom VNR servers are now only available for customers with existing VNR systems. VNR is powered by an OEM version of Luxriot VMS™ which is no longer being developed. New Luxriot systems are sold under the manufacturers branded Luxriot EVO S and Luxriot Global.

Existing VNR and Luxriot customers are able to take advantage of upgrade paths from the older recording platform and in many cases the same hardware can be repurposed. Ask a question

Further information on Luxriot and Luxriot sales are available at our buy Luxriot site.

Software Announcement Definition Date
End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement End-of-Life notification via email to customers start date 01 February 2018
End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement Social Media End-of-Life notification via social media 31 January 2018
End of Sales Date Last Date to buy licences for VNR & Luxriot VMS 31 December 2018
End of Software Support End of Support for VNR and VMS 31 December 2021