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With modern digital IP cameras CCTV or Closed Circuit television no longer fully describes a Video Surveillance System; the days of a closed loop camera video monitoring system are almost gone with modern surveillance solutions working almost exclusively over digital transmission mediums.

CCTV designs have become a mix of traditional optic skills, understanding image capture, lenses, focal lengths and F-stops together with the effects of various light sources on image quality and focal depth.

Below we have listed the main IP Video transmission mediums from Mobile 3G through to high capacity Fibre Optic.


Modern IP based network CCTV can reach a wider audience through secure network connectivity utilising broadband, 3G & 4G for viewing and camera image transmission. Many public space systems are now transmitted over fixed Wi-Fi PtP links moving away from traditional high cost rented fibre. These same networks are now being used to develop connected cities and deliver enhance digital services in to the community, the cameras help protect.Many of our solutions operate over client LAN, with many of our municipal customers using their MPLS networks out of hours to maximise remote monitoring capabilities.

Redvision RXIP PTZ

Videcom, through development, have taken their traditional approach to CCTV and embraced modern transmission methods allowing for flexible video installation and design. Specifying the correct transmission and camera systems to meet your system requirements, taking into account any opportunity to enhance your system through wider area connectivity, secure off-site data backup combined with remote support helping to reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

With strong training regimes, close manufacture support and distributed internal equipment knowledge sharing we continue to deliver market leading Video Transmission and Management systems.

Videcom Design Services

The design and subsequent installation of your Video Surveillance system needs to take into account any existing infrastructure that can be re-used, your existing structured cabling for internal systems, any Internal LAN that could be used through secure network segregated VLANS, external Wi-Fi Options, additional network service delivery options through to traditional rented CCTV circuits and data circuits.

Through careful design and planning we are able to combine our experience with modern technology to deliver low cost high performance video transmission and monitoring solutions.

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Transmission Options

Mobile Networks: 3G & 4G are great for viewing your Video Cameras remotely, with ever reduction in cost and improved coverage Mobile CCTV viewing is an easy way to monitor your site. The same networks are also used for transportable CCTV such as our SceneVu RDC range. 4G Mobile CCTV enquiry.

ADSL Broadband: Broadband offers users a low cost transmission solution for Video Transmission, many of our installations take advantage of customers' existing Broadband Networking to monitor remote sites as well as connect distributed clients to view the IP Video cameras.

Wi-Fi Point to Point: Modern secure Wi-Fi communication enables low cost connectivity to cameras, clients and recording equipment. Many cameras can be carried over single links and a network system built up over time that can cover complete cities. CCTV Wi-Fi enquiry.

Licenced Microwave: Enabling high capacity network backbones, with the ability to carry high capacity segregated network traffic, typically used to connect major network hubs together where resilience and reliability and near fibre connectivity is required.

Cat5 & CAT6 : Structured network cabling, typically limited to 100 metre between Video device and network switch. This same cabling can carry camera power utilising PoE. Category network cabling connects equipment together and is used for local network connections and internal IP Video systems.

Fibre Optic : High Capacity, interference free transmission, used to provide secure very high capacity point to point network data links. With modern fibre fusion splicing equipment and latest generation hardware fibre provides an expandable flexible transmission solution.

Customer LAN : With many businesses, schools and colleges being network connected it is an easy and low cost add-on to provide CCTV video surveillance both internal and externally utilising your existing local area network. With modern managed network switches CCTV traffic can be segregated and controlled through ICT policies. Our designs often use a mix of direct connectioned cameras combined with customer LAN deployed units.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Qualifications:

    Videcom Security Ltd, Essex based CCTV Installation Company are a member of the BSIA and employs professional engineers and qualified technicians (HND, HNC and City & Guilds).BSI registration, UKAS assessed to quality assurance standard BS EN ISO 9001/2000 Certificate No: FS29915. The Company has carried out installations under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulation 1994. NICEIC approved Electrical Contractor - EN No. 24727. Safecontractor, Chas and Constructionline accredited.

  • Engineer Competence and Awareness

    Videcom realise that their ongoing success is owed in no small part to the commitment of their staff and regularly hold in house engineering meetings to allow the transfer of technical knowledge and the introduction of new products to the engineers. Videcom promote the use of manufacturer training facilities with engineers regularly attending training on new products.

    Training also extends to annual health and safety, plant training and site safety awareness courses.

    Videcom maintain staff training and health and safety records at their head office in Waltham Abbey.

  • Videcom Products

    All specifications, designs and construction are carried out "in house", utilising the company's own engineering in combination with the best branded CCTV products. Videcom are a major systems installer for Fujinon, Samsung, Dedicated Micros, Panasonic, Bosh, Fast/Nice, Meyertech, Synectics, SilverNet Wi-Fi and Wavesight products. The Company also manufactures CCTV controllers, switchers, remote control devices and frame grabbers tailored for use in specialist installations; covert camera enclosure design and assembly.

    Videcom Products portfolio includes the Videcom VNR, a family of digital recorders with both analogue and IP CCTV recording capability.

    The Videcom Software Department designs front-end solutions including graphics for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) utilised by Municipal Authorities and Police. Introduction of ANPR manager software management developed in 2003 for ANPR as a low-cost vehicle identification system.

  • Videcom Quality & Service
    At Videcom it is all about Quality and Service together with a commitment to project delivery, cost competitive solutions and provision of systems for safer neighbourhoods.

    Videcom Security, Secure in our vision.