Artificial Intelligence using IP Video Images

IVSS-2 Overview

IVSS-2 part fo the WizSense® series of intelligent IP video recorders is the next generation deep-learning AI powered NVR from world leaders Dahua, delivering advanced Artificial Intelligence features for a variety of video focused applications. IVSS-2 enables faster video content inquiry and rapid discovery of target objects opening up new possibilities for incident prevention, along with real-time alerting for video surveillance users.

Advanced perimeter and premises intrusion detection along with vehicle and person recognition are achievable through this new version technology.

The recorders have also been equipped with a fresh GUI, ergonomic software designed to simplify user interaction with the technology. All the intelligent recorders are equipped with high end GPU that work with the Dahua Deep Learning algorithms and NVR hardware storing metadata along with video streams. Designed to work with Dahua DSS Pro VMS.

IVSS-2 Versions and functions
Please note each number is a maximum capapility (i.e 2i can be 4 Metadata + 16 Perimeter)
Device HDD/Cam/Bandwidth FR / With FD camera Metadata Perimeter Protection
IVSS7008-1I 8/120/400Mbps 8/20 4 16
IVSS7008-2I 8/128/400Mbps 16/40 8 32
IVSS7016(DR)-4I 16/256/512Mbps 32/80 16 64
IVSS7016(DR)-8I 16/256/512Mbps 64/160 32 128
IVSS7024(DR)-8I 24/256/512Mbps 64/160 32 128
IVSS7024(DR)-16I 24/256/512Mbps 128/256 64 256