SceneVu Connected.

Videcom SceneVu RDC Cameras

SceneVu; Full HD RDC CCTV designed to meet the demanding and various needs of our municipal and corporate customers. From single camera, wireless connected cameras through to full Panoramic multi-camera RDC units.

SceneVu Connected is a web based multi-user access solution that enables secure password protected access to the cameras, downloaded FTP images and live real time viewing together with evidence downloading and remote real time PTZ camera movement control.

For image upload from mobile phone to VNR recorder, CUPID Capture Upload Image Display from Videcom enabling real time mobile 3G & 4G device image capture and VNR upload.

SceneVu PTZ Mobile CCTV

Connected is a simple to use interface that is best shown live and enables the integration of network ready SceneVu cameras providing secure yet flexible monitoring' ideal for cross agency multi-user resource sharing.

Connected enables controlled access to cameras and recorded images: As well as live viewing over Secure VPN or Fixed IP (preferred) enabling real time image viewing, PTZ control and replay, Connected also provides additional services for FTP image viewing, and TeamViewer remote desktop connectivity.

SceneVu has been designed to meet the demanding needs of Town and City Centre RDC Rapid Deployment CCTV.

SceneVu Connected Remote Access Software

RDC remote access ; All HD SceneVu units come with built in 3G 4G and Wi-Fi client connectivity capability to local wireless hotspots. And connect through to our SceneVu Connected Server.

SceneVu health checks display information on Mobile Signal strength, camera status, recording status, temperature of hard disks and processor. This information is displayed and updated on the camera site mapping. Customer feedback "I like this alot! :-)".

With easy to understand interactive icons displaying camera status atogether with camera HD recording OK confirmation to the users. Why not try our Online connected 9 way ftp image display.

SceneVu GPS geosyncronised map

The SceneVu Connected display maps are designed to auto update from a small GPS unit built into the SceneVu camera. These auto update features, auto-start on power-up of the camera and then a health check routine runs every 10 minutes updating processor health and Mobile signal status.

Maps can also be set to not show this information, on all the SceneVu connected maps access to the cameras live feed (or FTP image) is available by clicking the map marker icons. In addition the top left camera icons are also navigation buttons to the FTP image for that camera. (if only one camera configured then only one icon will be displayed, up to 4 cameras can be connected to a SceneVu unit.

The map on the left (above) is generated from data received from a SceneVu camera unit running our SceneVu Connected Client application. Please also see our online demo of our 9 way motion enable image viewer.

The Map Marker has been generated from the built in GPS sensor and is updated from time to time when the camera s power is cycled.

Icon description
GPS Signal Status.          Good   Low   No Signal  No GPS
Camera recording OK; Recording system reporting healthy.
Camera not recording; Recording system reporting not recording.
Recording server condition unknown.
Camera online and reporting OK.
Unable to determine camera state.
Mobile data condition unknown or disabled.
3G/4G Signal strengh:   Low Signal  -78dB  -68dB  -37dB  -15dB

SceneVu connected, utilising encrypted Mesh or PtP VPN transmission, also supports real time alarm reporting over mobile data networks, our demo system above reports on motion within our carpark and changes the clock banner red as well as sounding a bleep during the alarm event (click the clock banner to silence alarm). Also supported is alarm contact monitoring, Tampering and video analytic events. Also possible is live reporting of ANPR data direct to SceneVu Connected client. By clicking the speaker icon you can turn the alarms on and off, a signal is sent to the camera of the mobile network and the icon will update typically within a minute.

Mobile SceneVu cameras are also connectable to our VNR and Luxriot EVO viewing clients allowing seamless integration of your fixed, mobile and transportable CCTV cameras onto a single viewing platform, with additional support for mobile viewing.

SceneVu Health

  • GPS Location
  • GPS location is automatically transmitted on power up. Giving precise geographical camera location for users and also updating the system sitemap which displays all deployed RDC cameras.

  • Camera Health
  • Dual Icon feedback reporting on camera online and separate tests to confirm recording is working and up to date.

  • Mobile Signal Strength
  • Reports on current mobile signal strength in dB, also displays signal strength icon in top right of map for easy user understanding.

  • GPS Signal Strength
  • Graphically reports on current GPS signal strength, the GPS system is used to automatically update SceneVu Street Map Installed Location as well as the central interactive map guiding users to their installed cameras. When the camera assembly does not have GPS installed the icon becomes translucent and geolocation information can be added manually during camera installation.

  • Core System Health
  • Bi-Directional SMS text message support with multi-function commands and status reporting. Includes allow the stopping of the record service allowing disk changes, followed by confirming SMS when all restarted.

  • SMS Message Support
  • Up to four processor health status points can be monitored and displayed including Processor temperature, Hard disk status and Processor Core Temperature. Also available is voltage monitoring and hours in use for battery operated RDC units.

  • Signal Strength Explained
  • Signal strength can be confusing; in the case of mobile networks the dBm information is a report of the signal loss as compared to the base station. This will always be a negative number and -50dB is an excellent signal strength (will report full bars on an i-Phone). Our routers work extremely well up to - 100dB without the need for a booster aerial.

    • British Built:

      Videcom Security are a UK based CCTV Installation, Maintenance and Manufacturing company. We have been manufacturing specialist CCTV equipment for over 25 years with our own in-house design and software engineers based in the historic Essex town of Waltham Abbey. Utilising the very best in CCTV and electronic components from around the world like LG CCTV together with the support of UK equipment suppliers Videcom are able to provide cost effective solutions for your RDC CCTV requirements.

    Why SceneVu ?

    • Built for purpose:

      The Videcom VNR SceneVu camera range of re-deployable cameras have been designed to meet the exacting standards of many of our Municipal and Private Sector customers. Now fully HD and ONVIF compliant and powered by our VNR recording software, the full range of SceneVu cameras offer leading edge image surveillance and recording for mobile, temporary and relocatable systems.

      Leading Edge Software

      At the heart of our SceneVu system is our easy to use, simple to configure SceneVu Connected software suite. Utilising industry standard Microsoft platforms we maintain cross browser compatibility and remote monitoring capability from most modern devices including hand held iPad and Android devices. On-site HD image recording is backed up with event driven ftp image download for confidence and rapid research.

      SceneVu was originally designed to combat the growing menace which is Fly Tipping, and working with our Town and City Centre CCTV customers the products have been developed and enhanced to provide high quality rugged external connected CCTV and has now been deployed into a wide range of system scenarios.

      Built in Features

      GPS : Our GPS add-in module enables your camera to automatically update its position when powered up. This information is displayed within our software and includes Map Marker, reverse look-up address information and also places the camera onto an interactive clickable estate map. To fully appreciate these and other software functions please Contact Us for a live demonstration.

      Watchdog: Software watchdog and health logging/reporting, enabling automatic periodic reporting of your SceneVu health as well as dual software and hardware watchdog restart and reboot systems.

      Clock_Synchronisation: GPS clock synchronisation.
      ANPR Options: VNR ANPR Bolt-on.
      HD Recording: Full HD Recording.
      Video Analytics: Built in Camera Analytics.
      Event Management: Real Time Event management.
      Flexible Viewing: Cross Platform remote Viewing.
      System Ownership: Cost effective system ownership.

    • Videcom Quality & Service

      At Videcom it is all about Quality and Service together with a commitment to project delivery, cost competitive solutions and provision of systems for safer neighbourhoods.

      Using EE mobile networks we are now able to offer higher capacity 4G network connectivity with enhanced speeds. Video streaming with real-time PTZ control is now better than ever.

      Videcom Security, Secure in our vision.

    RDC, Should I Deploy?

    • RDC CCTV Deployment consideration:

      Re-deployable SceneVu cameras are typically used in response to know problems and against unknown targets, primary uses include surveillance against fly tipping, anti-social behaviour and to provide CCTV surveillance for temporary events such as festivals. SceneVu can also be deployed to building sites, community parks, schools and colleges where permanent CCTV is cost prohibitive or live monitoring can only be achieved over mobile networks such as 3G or 4G.

      SceneVu though is not always a temporary deployable solution with the Panoramic range being a popular choice for small areas requiring permanent, CCTV City Centre Quality CCTV coverage without the huge associated costs and revenue demands. SceneVu solutions are providing cost effective High Quality CCTV coverage, helping to provide safer neighbourhoods and community enhancements.

      As a nationally recognised Town Centre CCTV installer, Videcom have developed the SceneVu range of re-deployable cameras to meet the demanding requirements of our customers. The RDC units are available in a variety of build formats from single camera PTZ to our four camera panoramic coverage. The SceneVu recording engine is the same tried and tested technology built into our own VNR family of CCTV recorders and virtual IP ONVIF management and matrix software solutions.

      Viewing my cameras

      • Web based access worldwide:

        Web Based Interface: SceneVu Connected Mobile Cameras use standard 3G and 4G data services, these can be supplied as part of the package in 12, 36 or 60 month bundles, typically with 2 to 5GB of data allowance per month. At the heart of our RDC systems is a Web Based server and interface allowing our customers flexible access to the RDC cameras. This simple to use interface supports both FTP image download and live viewing and real time PTZ control.

        Tested with popular browsers, including Microft Edge and Windows 10, Safari & iPad, iPhone and Android devices this simple to use and configure software also supports site mapping and GPS Google Mapping interface. Utilising either free Google Location Services or our bolt-on low cost GPS module the SceneVu cameras are able to update their location to your central VNR server and provide accurate mapping information and display.

        As well as viewing your cameras worldwide over the internet and mobile data networks, our VNR CUPID allows images to be sent to our central VNR IP Video systems enabling upload, recording and display remote mobile images.