SceneVu Dahua.

Dahua MSB-L200 RDC

Breaking new ground in cost and performance is the all-new 2018 model MSB-L200 Mobile redeployable 4G 1080P PTZ RDC camera. Incorporating the same features as Videcoms own RDC SceneVu cameras the MPT-L200 adds additional flexibility with built in 9 hour battery & magnetic base facilitating immediate and rapid deployment scenarios with the battery also capable of providing UPS support.

The MSB-L200 can be powered through an external mains adapter or directly froma 6-36 VDC supply allowing a wide range of power oppertunities including vehicle power, solar and other renewables.

The MSB-L200 when combined with a control room Dahua DSS-Mobile platform delivers significantly better transmission utilising proprietary compression reducing data usage, allowing smoother and higher resolution image reception combined with the on-board micro-SD card recording capability over 4G and Wi-Fi.

Connecting Mobile CCTV

Connecting CCTV is all about network paths, the Dahua MSB-L200 can connect through Dahua's own proprietary P2 Pier to Pier networking solution enabling image reception and camera control direct to mobile and desktop applications without any additional hardware, this option delivers stand CCTV services only.

When combining the camera with the Dahua powerful mobile enabled DSS you can experience higher performance with direct to site connectivity, you are also able to take advantage of the built in GPS, Alarm and Audio capabilities of the camera as well as smart PTZ positioning, live mapping and connection to a wide range of other Dahua equipment including recorders, Intercoms, body worn technology and smart CCTV services.

The camera can connect over standard mobile data networks utilising 3G & 4G, there are no external aerials unless deploying the optional additional auxiliary GPS. The built-in wireless capability can be used to connect to a wireless Access Point, standard LAN connection is also supported.

Dahua Mobile CCTV

The Camera, Extreme Low Light Starlight CMOS image sensor combined with 6-180mm 30 times optical zoom and up to 1920 x 1080 2 MPixel resolution.

  • Full Colour/Mono.
  • IR distance up to 100 meters.
  • Low bit stream transmission.
  • Built in lithium battery, up to 9 hours.
  • 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/LAN.
  • Supports local Wi-Fi AP and Bluetooth.
  • Built in GPS and Dual micro SD Storage slots.
  • Pre-sets/Tracking/Motion.
  • Weighing in at 4.87 Kg including the integral 9 hour battery and only 280mm tall with a 170.5mm maximum diameter the Dahua MSB-L200 from Videcom Security meets the demanding requirements of the majority of RDC deployment scenarios.

    Power 24 VDC nominal (6-36), 20W IR Off, 24W IR On and 56 W during PTZ operation, fully IP 65 rated with a working temperature range -20 ~ 55 ℃

Dahua MSB_L200 Camera

Mobile and transportable CCTV is a popular solution for managing moveable or sudden risk through Video Surveillance. The Dahua MSB-L200 compliments the Videcom RDC family and many of the SceneVu variants can be supplied with Dahua Compatibility to work both with the free to user Smart PSS platform and the advanced integrated DSS systems.

RDC cameras have been commonly deployed in urban areas to tackle anti-social behaviour, Fly Tipping as well as special events and sporting venues. With improved data efficiency and lower cost flexible 4G simm solutions Rapid Deployment cameras are increasingly being deployed into longer term monitoring locations.

The MSB is also ONVIF compliant and has been tested on out enterpise Luxriot EVO Global Platform when using Wi-Fi, LAN or Fixed IP data Simm.

Dahua Mobile Technologies.

Dahua MPT 210 Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Cameras

Dahua Body worn cameras are available both with remote connectivity and standard centrally docking units. The connected units MPT210 (shown) & MPT310 offer a wide range of connectivity options allowing for real time tracking and monitoring of camera wearers whilst also giving them video and audio record capability and emergency alarm button to DSS.

  • 2K/30fps recording.
  • H.265/H.264 encoding.
  • Horizontal field 120 °.
  • One-key press video/audio recording.
  • Laser positioning LED light, IR mode, OSD overlay.
  • pre-record and post-record.
  • Support 4G, Wi-FiI, GPS, GLONASS.
  • 3200MAh 4.35V battery.
  • Change battery without power loss.
  • IP67, rugged-drop proof 2 meters.

  • Data Sheet

    Vehicle CCTV recorder

    Vehicle CCTV

    Dahua have a range of vehicle mobile recorders analogue and IP the model shown-MNVR8104 is a premium mobile video recorder which can support 4 channel 4K high-definition real-time recording, real-time vehicle location tracking and monitoring, and all technical information such as GPS and video can be uploaded via 3G/4G/Wi-Fi.

    Most systems can also support to connect various accessories, such as card reader, fuel sensor, panic emergency button. Designed to be retro fitted to a variety of vehicles including city buses, vans, trucks and cars. Working with DSS system owners are able to maintain staff safety and security, track vehicle movements and fuel usage as well as provide drivers with an emergency option connection to thier command and control centre.

    Data Sheet

    Dahua DSS Pro

    DSS Management

    The Dahua DSS is designed to deliver secure central management and integration functions for your CCTV requirements. DSS allows a wider level of system integration with the mobile module version allowing for remote and body worn cameras to connect through to the DSS and work just like a locally connected network device. This same connectivity is also available in Dahua standard IP and HDCVI recorders enabling secure remote site connectivity over standard ADSL broadband and 4G mobile networks.

    The DSS platform is fully scalable with multiple management and recording server options, with failover and redundant hot standby configurations. DDS supports connection through to monitoring client workstations and Dahua Videowall controllers such as the M70.

    Data Sheet

    Dahua Partner Videcom Security Logo

    Partner Support

    Videcom Security are a trained and recognised Dahua Product Partner, installing and maintain a wide range of Dahua equipment and systems, as an enterprise level installer we are well versed with the DSS systems as well as enhance video wall drivers such as the M70 video controller.

    As a recognised integration partner we have enhanced access to hardware development tools and through our own in-house software house we add our unique enhanced Dahua delivery through Videcom integration.

    The MSB-L200 evaluation is an example of Videcom leading the development and research of Dahua Technology, we were first in the UK to receive the camera and have a system up and running and our customers who have seen the unit in action have all agreed it's a powerful, flexible RDC solution.