VNR Recorder
Videcom VNR

Based around the industry recognised Luxriot VMS , Videcom VNR is our family of network digital video management and recording servers for systems from one camera to unlimited enterprise recorders.

VNR is manufactured under a Luxriot OEM agreement extending manufacture support while allowing Videcom to expand the product range through bolt on software modules.

Videcom VNR; Powered by Luxriot. are available in compact 16 channels and unlimited rack mount versions supporting a mix of analogue, IP and HD CCTV cameras. Videcom recommend Western Digital Purple for our CCTV 24/7 Servers.
VNR SceneVu
Videcom Mobile SceneVu RDC Cameras

SceneVu our family of transportable mobile redeployable 3G & 4G mobile connected cameras. Built with VNR, SceneVu maintains cross compatibility with our VNR platform allowing real time video integration intocontrol rooms and systems supported by VNR.

SceneVu Cyclops is our single camera version with full PTZ option, GPS Mapping and real time secure encrypted VPN over mobile, Wi-Fi and broadband. Panoramic is our 4 camera version delivering 8 Megapixel CCTV coverage through 4 remotely positioned LG IR Dome cameras.
Videcom ANPR Solutions

VNR ANPR; Automatic Number Plate Reading (Licence Plate Recognition).

The Videcom ANPR Manager is our centre piece SQL based software solution delivering database integration with a wide range of ANPR reading engines and cameras with built in vehicle analytics. ANPR manager also interfaces with our VNR to call up real time replay of captured events and vehicle plate reads.

Videcom use a variety of number plate reading technologies to suit individual sites, our own VNR ANPR reading engine is designed to integrate fully with Xcure and ANPR Manager.
VNR Xecure
Videcom VNR Xcure
VNR Protocol

Protocol and Monitor driver are a suite of software utilities designed and built by Videcom allowing integration to legacy third party analogue CCTV systems. Through simple integration and support through manufacture SDK and API we are delivering real time ONVIF integration into legacy control rooms.

VNR monitor displays live images to the operator onto a digital display and uses a virtual matrix to deliver switching between VNR and matrix switched cameras. VNR protocol designed to work with most major analogue control systems translates analogue telemetry to ONVIF or manufacturer supplied IP protocols, driving control to IP cameras from analogue systems.
SceneVu Connected

Connected is a easy to use web based interface that is best shown live and enables the integration of network ready SceneVu cameras providing secure yet flexible monitoring' ideal for cross agency multi-user resource sharing.

Connected enables controlled access to cameras and recorded images: As well as live viewing over Secure VPN or Fixed IP (preferred) enabling real time image viewing, PTZ control and replay, Connected also provides additional services for FTP image viewing, and TeamViewer remote desktop connectivity.

SceneVu has been designed to meet the demanding needs of Town and City Centre RDC Rapid Deployment CCTV.


A what's not to love web page presented image uploader with a simple user interface and complex under the hood image recompression allowing images to be uploaded and recorded directly to our VNR and Xcure servers.

CUPID, allows users to capture real time images on mobile devices, add image reference and use built in GPS location to provide addressing information all embedded into the uploaded images. Images are displayed on VNR servers and display walls and recorded as a video stream.

CUPID: Capture UPload Image Display. Using mobile networks delivering imagery direct to control rooms and VNR recording solutions.
VNR Xecure

  • Full Enterprise HD CCTV
  • Fully ONVIF Compliant
  • Extensive Manufacturer support
  • Mobile, Android, Iphone, Chromecast
  • Stream Live Video from Mobile
  • Unlimited Video Wall Screens
  • Licenced based on IP devices only
  • Edge recording from SD card
  • Evidence Duplicity and remote Archive
  • Maps, Events, ANPR, Analytics
  • Facial detection and capture
  • Also available as 16 camera version

  • VNR Xecure by Videcom, market leading video management solution with an easy to operate operator interface, simple to understand software licencing and low life cost ownership. Xecure powered by the Luxriot Evo®.