iComply Partner
Videcom are a certified iComply Enterprise product partner, with over 15 years' experience with the iComply CCTV command and control product range. Videcom started to install iComply hardware back in 90's with the installation of the St. Albans town center CCTV system.

Videcom remain a major iComply systems installer and maintenance provider for their ZoneVu and Fusion Solar product range. With a great collection of spares, direct access to iComply Support and our extensive experience Videcom are your iComply Installer of choice.

Don't forget to check out our CCTV Maintenance services and specialist iComply support programs.

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CCTV Integration
iComply alarm dispatch
iComply Viewscape, (VTAS): icomply Viewscape provides command and control solutions giving 360 degree situational awareness for security, building management and other applications. Building on 16 years of software development experience we have a proven track record in delivering configurable solutions. Incorporating both legacy and new technologies we can meet today's client requirements whilst the software is agile enough to adapt to emerging trends.

Open architecture manufacture free integration for a wide range of electronic security products. Videcom are a certified iComply systems integrator, working closely to deliver streamlined CCTV control with enhanced alarm handling and incident management.

Integration with our other major CCTV product partners such as Luxriot EVO and Dahua, Viewscape helps us deliver a fully integrated control room with a wide range of bolt-on control modules.
Incident Workflow
iComply Eclipse
Integrated control rooms require an integrated approach to incident management. Viewscape's comprehensive incident management and workflow allows operators and managers to keep track of incidents maintaining situational awareness through real time incident logging.

Compiling datasets is an essential part of commerce, security and management. Once collected, a full picture of data and meta-data reveals patterns that cannot be unearthed if single snap-shots are individually analysed. With Incident Management, which automates the reporting of incidents, compiling data to use for service optimisation need not burden control rooms.

Alarms Management
iComply Analogue CCTV
Alarm Receiving grants clients the capacity to prioritise a 'cell stack' of colour-coded alarms, so that the most urgent alarms take precedent over those deemed to be less of a priority by the client, although the latter are still brought to the attention of control room operators once urgent situations have been dealt with.

Once an alarm has been triggered, the control room operator is visually made aware of the scene of the incident: nearby surveillance technologies can be programmed to immediately turn to face the location of the alarm. If additional action is required once an alarm has been triggered, users can programme an automated succession of responses, such as communicating with law enforcement agencies, activating a two-way audio channel, increasing camera resolution or notifying nearby patrol staff of the location of a potential incident