Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free quotations?
Yes all of our quotations are provided free of charge, from time to time we may be asked to provide design or consultancy work, these services may carry a charge. Why not contact our Sales department.

Do Videcom install domestic CCTV systems ?
Videcom are a commercial security installation company specialising in commercial and public safety CCTV systems. We do install in to private houses and estates but these do tend to be larger properties as we find we cannot be competitive on the smaller domestic systems.

Do you provide out of hours support ?
Videcom offer out of hours response and service support, including remote online support, to our customers who have taken out our Gold Maintenance contracts

Can I remotely view my CCTV ?
Most modern CCTV systems and recorders have a network connection. This allows remote access to the CCTV cameras. Many manufactures have custom apps for IOS and Android and with some simple router configuration you can view your CCTV from anywhere, subject to network connectivity. Videcom set this function up on systems we install. Please feel free to Download our guide to setting up your own remote monitoring.

Can i use my CCTV camera as a Webcam ?
Webcams can be quite complex to set up and you need to know a little about javascript. How we normally do this is send a still image to a webserver and update that image periodically, we then provide some javascript code to enable web developers to display these images. For further information and sample code.

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