Equality in the workplace

Videcom Security Equality. This equality policy sets out Videcom Security Ltd Equality Oppertunity Single Equality Policy.


It is the policy of Videcom Ltd to recruit and hire persons for employment in all jobs without discrimination because of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, sex orientation, religion, age or disability. It is also the policy of the Company to provide a work environment that is free from any form of harassment.

It is our policy to comply with the Equalities Act 2010 and to ensure equality and fairness to all employees regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Furthermore, all people employed by the Company shall be afforded the opportunity to advance to positions of greater responsibility and authority based upon their skills and ability to perform the work required.

Opportunities for education, training, promotion, transfer or any other benefit of employment, shall not be compromised because of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, sex orientation, religion, age or disability.

The policy will conform with the Codes of Practice, as issued by the Commission for Racial Equality and Equal Opportunity Commission and the Employers' Forum on Disability Ten Points for Action and any other future Codes of Practice relating to employment.

This Policy will ensure that there are no divisions of labour or responsibility based on grounds of employee's sex or racial origin, other than where sex or racial origin is a genuine occupation qualification.

The Company is committed to a programme of action to ensure the effective implementation and review of this policy. Contractors working on Company premises or delivering services on behalf of Videcom Ltd will be expected to comply with good equal opportunities practices.

The Policy will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Key Principles

All employees and all applicants for employment will be given equal opportunities in all aspects of employment. Personnel policies and procedures will be applied on the basis of job requirements and the individual's ability and fitness for work measured against objective criteria.

This covers such areas as:

a) Recruitment practices and procedures;
b) Selection procedures, assessment testing and interviewing;
c) Job specification and evaluation procedures;
d) Terms and conditions of employment including compensation and benefits
e) Operational and working conditions and requirements;
f) Application of employee relations procedures;
g) Appraisal schemes;
h) The operation of grievance and disciplinary procedures;
i) Dealing with complaints of discrimination, racial/sexual harassment and victimisation;
j) Transfer and promotion;
k) Job security and termination.

The Managing Director will review the effectiveness of the Policy at least annually. The Senior Management team will monitor it on an ongoing basis. The Company will welcome the employment of employees with a disability and will provide the appropriate working environment and training according to their individual needs.

Implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy will be supported by a full communication programme to ensure that all employees (including those with managerial responsibilities) are aware of their rights and obligations and of the Company's commitment to equal opportunities. All new starters and current employees will receive documentation outlining the Company's policy and individual responsibility. The Company will endeavour to create a culture (internally and externally) which embodies the spirit and intention of its Equal Opportunities Policy.
The Company will communicate with its customers, training providers and employees in ways which fully reflect the spirit and intention of its Equal Opportunities Policy.
The Company recognises the problems that sexual or racial harassment may cause and is committed to ensuring that such unacceptable behaviour is eliminated.

The Company is committed to identifying and removing any barriers to equal employment opportunities and, through appropriate training, communication and action, will support and encourage the development of employees who are under-represented in particular areas of employment. All selection or development decisions will be based on objective criteria and individual merit.

All employees will be held accountable for operating within the spirit and intention of the Company's Equal Opportunities Policy and of the law relating to equal opportunities. Failure to observe the Company's policies in this area may result in disciplinary action.

In the event of a redundancy situation, the Company will not discriminate unfavourably in its selection for redundancy on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, sex orientation, religion, age or disability.

Recruitment by word of mouth will not be permitted.


The Managing Director is responsible for:

Evaluating the performance of equal opportunities policies and ensuring that the Equal Opportunities Policy is approved and implemented The Senior Management Team is responsible for:

Monitoring the implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy and the achievement of associated Business Plan targets Ensuring that all necessary equal opportunities requirements are built into all HR procedures

All Managers are responsible for:

Engendering an equal opportunities culture within the workforce and suppliers for whom they are responsible. Ensuring that equal opportunities requirements are built into supplier contracts over which they have control and that they are complied with;

All employees are responsible for:

Abiding by all aspects of the Company's Equal Opportunities Policy.


All the Company's personnel policies will be implemented with due consideration for the Company's Equal Opportunities Policy, for example, grievance, discipline and recruitment and selection, which is covered in some detail below. The Company will encourage the involvement and participation of all disadvantaged groups to ensure that, wherever possible, employment practices recognise and meet their needs.

Should individuals fee that they have been unfairly treated in connection with the Equal Opportunities Policy, they should follow the grievance procedure.

Recruitment and Selection

The Company's Equal Opportunities Policy will be reflected in its internal and external job advertisements and recruitment literature.

Job descriptions will be provided for all advertised posts. These will include a list of key job requirements (skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience necessary for job performance) against which all applicants will be assessed during the selection process.

The Company will review and develop recruitment procedures which encourage applications from, and the employment of, people with disabilities.

Ex-offenders will be considered for employment on their merit. Only convictions relevant to the post will be taken into account.

As a security industry company persons seeking employment will be subject to the BSI Security Screening Code of Practic expressed as BS7858.

Recruitment documents (for all candidates - whether successful or not) will be retained for one year.

Training and Development

It is the policy of the Company that it will not discriminate in the provision of staff training and development on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, sex orientation, religion, age or disability.

The Company shall, where appropriate, provide specific staff training facilities to a particular racial group, to employees with disabilities, or to women or men only. Specific steps will be taken to ensure that disabled people have the same opportunity as other staff to develop their full potential within the organisation. Induction training programmes will include specific reference to this Policy and its implications for employees.

The Company will take specific steps to raise awareness of disability and other disadvantaged groups throughout the organisation, particularly targeting all staff involved in recruitment and selection processes.

Staff responsible for selection of candidates will be:

Trained in the use of selection criteria and the need for consistent application;

Given guidance and training on the effects which stereotyping, generalised assumptions and prejudices about race, colour, ethnic or national origin, sex, sex orientation, religion, age, marital status or disability can have on selection decisions;

Made aware of possible misunderstanding, which can occur, in interviewing people whose gender or ethnic background is different.

Recruitment criteria and practices will be examined and regularly reviewed to ensure that they are not actually, or potentially, unlawful or otherwise discriminatory. Retention, Retraining and Redeployment

Any employee who becomes disabled will be given the fullest appropriate support to maintain, or return to, a role appropriate to their experience and abilities with the Company.


The Managing Director will review the effectiveness of the Policy at least annually and endorse actions taken and approve any recommendations, as deemed appropriate. The composition of the workforce (for example, by ethnicity and gender) may be used in a comparative way to measure achievement of the Company's Equal Opportunities policies.

Positive Action

Positive action may be used in an attempt to improve representation of particular sectors in the workforce, when such representation is considered to be deficient. For example, job advertisement may be targeted towards particular ethnic groups.


The Company expects and requires respect for the dignity of all individuals at work and therefore views any form of harassment, intimidation, or victimisation as unacceptable.

The company would consider such behaviour to be particularly distasteful if it were related to the disability, race, sex or sexual orientation of an individual or group. Appropriate awareness/training programmes will be carried out and disciplinary measures invoked, if appropriate, to ensure that such behaviour does not occur.

Disciplinary Measures

Breaches of the Company's Equal Opportunities Policy shall be subject to disciplinary action and dealt with under normal disciplinary procedures.

Employees who, in good faith, raise complaints in relation to discrimination shall not be discriminated against by disciplinary measures.

The Company will not ignore, or treat lightly, grievances from members of particular groups on the assumption that they are over-sensitive to discrimination. In applying disciplinary procedures, consideration will be given to the possible effect on employees' behaviour of the following:

Sexual or racial abuse;
Communication and comprehension difficulties;

Differences in cultural background - members of particular groups will not be subject to disciplinary action for behaviour that would be overlooked or condoned in other groups;

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