Greener CCTV solutions

Videcom Security Environmental. This environmental policy sets out Videcom Security Ltd commitment to the environment.


Environment & Sustainability Policy Statement

Videcom Security Limited are a private company specialising in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems.

Generally our equipment has a minimal impact on our surroundings in terms of waste generation, emissions to air and water and in terms of the need to recycle. Our equipment is made to a high standard with a robust exterior capable of lasting many years and with careful maintenance, re-usable.

We operate a disposal of old or obsolete electronic components. Much of the packaging we receive and use is Re-cycled. The adoption of low voltage, low current devices wherever possible, particularly in the field of LED lighting has helped our clients to reduce their electricity consumption. We constantly upgrade CCTV component parts to use minimum current devices as they become available.

All our transportation is diesel powered and replaced at regular intervals maximum. The Company also seeks to minimise vehicle usage with shared transport to site encouraged.

The company is actively pursuing a policy of reduced vehicle size and consequent fuel consumption and CO2 emissions reduction for our engineers.

Heavy towed hydraulic access plant is being replaced by lightweight units requiring less powerful vehicles. High level access is being addressed by pooling the use of vehicle mounted hydraulic platforms which can also serve an engineers stowage and tool requirements.

The company is required to sometimes operate in congested traffic areas and it is policy to make such visits at lowest traffic flow periods, therefore reducing the impact upon other road users and minimising on-site time.

Tool box talks are held regularly with all staff and regular company newsletters and training further informs on initiatives designed to improve Sustainability, Noise reduction and reduce the Company's impact upon the Environment.

Videcom holds both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation. Certificate numbers QS: FS29915 & EMS: EMS616554

Videcom Security Ltd ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation      Videcom Security Ltd ISO 9001 Quality accreditation

The company has played a significant part in an Environment Agency project to achieve advance warning of coastal flooding in Dorset by the installation at West Bay quay and

Videcom Limited are committed to :

  • Complying with all relevant legislation, regulation and government guidance.
  • The efficient use of resources, promoting recycling and the use of sustainable materials.
  • Developing management procedures that avoid wasteful operational processes and assist our clients with the design of systems that enable CCTV to have an impact upon fly-tipping, graffiti, traffic congestion caused by inconsiderate parking and special initiatives in environmental design. Access Control systems make significant energy savings in buildings combating heat and cooling losses.
  • All Directors are accountable to the Managing Director for the implementation of this policy in their respective functions. In particular this will require them to demonstrate their implementation of the requirements of this Policy.
  • Ensure the policy contains a demonstration of his personal commitment by the inclusion of a signed and dated Policy Statement.
  • Review the Policy to ensure that it remains comprehensive, relevant and up to date.
  • All employees are accountable through the management structure for conforming to the requirements of this policy and of statutory requirements.
  • Take care and attention of the environment. Company Head Office is equipped with low consumption lighting and new heat generation.
  • Co-operate in fulfilling the company's pursuit of continuous environmental improvement.
  • Be familiar with and implement this policy.
  • Conform to the requirements of the Environmental Plan, where applicable.
  • BS EN ISO 14001 (EMS 616554)

    Videcom responses to commonly asked questions on Environmental issues:

    • Q. How do we take into account environmental issues in our overall performance ?

    • A. Waste recycling and WEE regulation undertakings of the disposal of electronic components in partnership with Panasonic and Sanyo. Adoption of low voltage, low current devices where possible.

    • Q. What is our policy to reduce levels of waste material ?

    • A. Disposal of waste products is reviewed in conjunction with the aforementioned companies and our consultant Polyfield Ltd

    • Q. What is our policy to reduce energy consumption ?

    • A. We constantly upgrade cctv system component parts to use minimum current devices as they become available. All our transportation is diesel powered and replaced at 3 year intervals maximum. Videcom have seen a year on year reduction in their energy needs in the past 3 years and have recently introduced Hybrid Electric Petrol vehicles into their fleet.

    • Q. What is our policy to recycle all possible waste material ?

    • A. Packaging is collected as a separate item for re-cycling. We are a low waste company.

      Our policy is to reduce levels of pollution emissions.

      Noise levels are minimised by working with battery powered hand tools. Vehicle selection is based upon numerous critera, one of which is particulate emission - the latest CDI/HDI technologies.

    • Q. How do we reduce energy levels in products ?

    • A. CCTV products are generally low energy and continue to reduce with new product research, specifically LED lighting in place of tungsten lighting enables all installations to be low voltage, low current.

    • Q. How do we minimise design waste ?

    • A. CCTV system upgrades are designed to maximise the use of existing component parts. Cost savings to our client are achieved by good design and integration of legacy equipment.

    • Q. Our commitment to awareness of the environment and sustainability ?

    • A. All staff are made aware of duties to the environment at tool box lectures and Polyfield updates. Examplas Ltd are our ISO 14001 advisor.

    • Q. Do we consider environmental issues for all the products and services we supply ?

    • A. We are actively replacing high consumption lighting with the latest LED lighting which generally reduces consumption by 60%. CCTV and Access Control are low energy consumption with positive savings on energy in combating illegal waste disposal and securing buildings against heating/cooling energy loss.

    • Q. Does our company audit the impact it may have on the environment ?

    • A. Our industry does not impact heavily on the environment and we are always responsibly aware. Accreditation to ISO 14001 of some of our clients e.g. NGrid, requires us to provide auditable feedback.

    • Q. Does our company set any targets for improving environmental performance ?

    • A. Mainly in the area of company vehicles. Products continually progress towards low consumption and the removal of old lighting technology.

    • Q. Does our company consider the Environmental impact of our designs ?

    • A. Videcom always encourages the use of aesthetically selected products and is pleased to work with its customers to ensure that newly installed products compliment the location as far as is practical, with minimum impact upon the natural environment . Ground works are minimised with restoration of the surface to original or landscape finish. Avoidance of tree/shrub root damage by ducting or similar is a priority and any exceptions are agreed with clients or duly authorised personnel. Low light and Infra Red cameras are used wherever possible, to reduce the requirements for extra lighting and minimise light pollution problems.

    2013 with updates 2015 & 2017. Please also download the Videcom Environmental Mission Statement.