VNR & Luxriot VMS End of life

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Software End Of Life Statement

Videcom VNR and Luxriot VMS are reaching the end of their software life, VMS is older generation windows 32 bit software and although still supported no new releases will be issued (current release 2.5.8). The support calendar for VNR and VMS is as follows.

VNR & VMS is superseded by Luxriot EVO S and EVO Global, please contact Videcom Sales for upgrade to your current licence.

Software Announcement Definition Date
End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement End-of-Life notification via email to customers start date 01 February 2018
End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement Social Media End-of-Life notification via social media 31 January 2018
End of Sales Date Last Date to buy licences for VNR & Luxriot VMS 31 December 2018
End of Software Support End of Support for VNR and VMS 31 December 2021

The Videcom VNR software is currently installed on Videcom Products such as the Videcom VNR Server, some Videcom SceneVu cameras, for further information and support through upgrade please contact our sales department.

Upgrade options to Luxriot EVO are available, EVO is available in both 32 and 64 bit versions, the separate monitor software application requires a suitable graphics card and certain VNR Micro servers require a hardware update to run EVO Monitor.

Your Videcom VNR and Luxriot VMS recordings can be migrated to EVO, your existing server configuration is easily exported and imported to EVO S and EVO Global, simplifying the upgrade process.

Videcom sales are able to offer a special price for EVO S and EVO Global expansion packs when trading in your old VNR or VMS licence codes.

VNR servers will continue to operate past the software support date; much like many software products your software will not suddenly stop working. The support though from the software house will cease in 2021 and no further bug fixing will be possible past this date. Videcom will continue to support their customers past this software cut-off date although we do recommend upgrading to EVO to take full advantage of the latest software and software features.

EOL Statement 31 January 2018