Watford CCTV
The customer, Watford Borough Council, had to relocate their current CCTV control room and took this as an opportunity to also extend their use of Wi-Fi point to point CCTV transmission links and move away from traditional rented CCTV transmission circuits. The tender specification looked for installers to provide a resilient high bandwidth IP transmission network with near fibre transmission properties. This would be installed onto elevated properties and provide a backbone for the transmission of the CCTV cameras and telemetry control data.

Cameras at street level would then be transmitted up to key receiving radio sets and then connected back to the ring. Small groups of cameras would collect daisy at street level.

A new control room would also be required, with back up diesel generator, UPS, control room furniture, equipment racks, structured cabling, electrical fit out and relocation of the old control room CCTV matrix and control systems.
Samsung CCTV Monitors
The Videcom projects team designed a resilient solution based on tried and tested SilveNet wireless PtP links with a total of 7 80 GHz point to point 1 plus 1 GBit transceiver pairs. Street level Wi-Fi was designed using SilverNet Micro 95 and utilised existing CCTV columns and buildings to create line of sight transmission paths.

Camera encoding was via NKF digital high end encoders, as used in many licenced traffic applications, these encoders would be installed into camera columns and convert the analogue video signals and provide the required telemetry signals.

The control room would be fitted out with a new, individually designed Intech control room console with monitor wall frame for new Samsung 50 inch low energy displays.

The existing control room equipment would be relocated and re-utilised in its new location and be installed into a new air-conditioned control equipment room, with 10 KVA APC UPS backed up with 27KVA diesel generator set.
Silvernet 80 Ghz PtP
The delivered solution looked at the options for control system integration and the possibility of providing a future proofed CCTV control system with ONVIF, IP and HD capability. Videcom in partnership with Synectics designed a solution to reuse the analogue CCTV cameras, encode the analogue signals and remain digital from the point of encoding.

The Synectics Synergy solution with its high speed digital virtual matrix and simple to use PSN storage was chosen by the client following trials and investigation of various control solutions. The Synergy platform also provided workflow for the operators, incident reporting and digital interfacing of the monitor wall.

This true digital CCTV control room solution, enabled the installation team at Videcom to create a transition plan from the old control room with minimal system and operational down time. This enabled proper testing of the new control room and the digital systems.
The Results
Samsung CCTV Monitors
The results: A well-received modern digital, ergonomic CCTV command and control facility, with multiple operator positions, low energy footprint and compact CCTV control installation.

    "One of our top priorities as a council is making Watford town centre as safe as possible for residents and visitors, no matter where or when they visit," said a spokesperson for Watford Borough. "The relocation of our control room within Watford Police Station means that we can provide a faster, more efficient and joined up service, and that is good news for all of us!"

By being able to take advantage of the latest advances in network wireless technology, Videcom Security were able to minimise installation time and costs by negating the need for the laying of new cabling and engineering work and also giving the local authority significant ongoing revenue savings associated with the existing Telco leased circuits which were previously used for CCTV video transmission.

Videcom continue to install in Watford, the Home Counties and the surrounding area including St. Albans. Videcom also continue to develop the systems in Watford with Installation of their VNR and Redvision HD IP Cameras onto the Synergy system.