West Lindsey CCTV expands

HD CCTV relayed back from Hemswell Cliff over SilverNet wireless transmission

Hemswell Cliff HD CCTV

Town and City centre CCTV installers Videcom Security, installers of the West Lindsey High Definition CCTV system with control room based in Gainsborough were tasked with installing HD CCTV cameras in Hemswell Cliff in a bid to prevent and deter criminal behavior and create a safer neighborhood and community.

Redvision HD IP CCTV cameras have been installed in key locations in Hemswell, a village north of Lincoln, to help create a safer community for residents.

West Lindsey District Council monitor the cameras that are transmitted back to the Videcom built control room over a free to air 5.8 GHz SilverNet wireless solution, the images from the cameras are recorded 24/7 on a Videcom VNR recording server.

Councillor Trevor Young, champion for community safety and anti-social behavior, said: "We hope this will act as a deterrent for any anti-social behavior and give communities confidence by creating a safer community."

West Lindsey District Council said that the CCTV service operates under a strict code of practice and all CCTV staff undergo training to use the camera systems. Councillor Graham Prestwood, chairman of Hemswell Cliff Parish Council, said: "The addition of CCTV cameras is gratefully received and welcomed. We hope and believe it will play a large part in our efforts to reduce the crime and anti-social behavior which has blighted the village in recent years. Whilst we appreciate people's desire for privacy, the only people who need to be concerned by the cameras are those who are up to no good."

In 2016, the council enagges Town centre CCTV Specialist Videcom, through a full tender process who upgraded its CCTV capabilities to use high-definition IP technology which greatly improved the quality of footage and evidence produced.

Between October and December last year, West Lindsey District Council used CCTV to detect 305 crimes which led to the arrest of 41 suspects.

Councillor Paul Howitt-Cowan, ward member for Hemswell Cliff, said: "We are working closely with the parish council and residents in Hemswell Cliff on a number of projects."

There was a strong support for CCTV to be installed to keep people and their property safe."

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