Mobile broadband, 3G & 4G CCTV solutions.

Videcom Mobile SceneVu RDC Cameras

With internet connectivity both over fast broadband as well as mobile 3G and 4G CCTV is no longer just a closed circuit locally monitored camera system but in more and more cases a wide area network connected video surveillance system.

Increasing speeds and improved availability of mobile networks allows users anytime anyplace access to their CCTV systems, Camera images and replay facilities. Our own VNR recording platform supports mobile viewing using custom iPhone and Android mobile Apps.

SceneVu mobile CCTV City Centre Installation, Whats inside

CCTV, even older analogue systems, can be remotely viewed by connection to a fixed line broadband, why not take a look at our easy to follow instructions on how to connect your Videcom system securely to the internet using your broadband.

Most modern CCTV recorders and IP cameras come with free to deploy mobile apps allowing viewing and control of your cameras and recorders. With some simple port forwarding and security set-up your cameras can be available onto your laptop, tablet or mobile device.

SceneVu Connected, Remote Access Software for mobile cameras

As with all modern network communications the use of the internet and mobile provided 3G & 4G networks works both ways as demonstrated with our SceneVu mobile connected cameras.

Using the same mobile communications Videcoms latest and newly developed range of RDC cameras use a variety of IP network transmission methods to send camera images to a central monitoring station or direct your mobile device.

SceneVu GPS geosyncronised map for mobile CCTV

Our VNR recording platform used in both our enterprise and SceneVu systems has been designed to manage and operate over a wide range of networks, by using server side image transcoding we are able to manage network bandwidth usage aiding smooth delivery of video images.

This allows creation of multi-site mobile connected CCTV systems viewed centrally yet working over low cost secure internet networks.

More about our SceneVu mobile RDC cameras.

Who is using mobile CCTV ?

More and more of our customers are asking us to install CCTV using the 4G or broadband networks for connecting or viewing cameras to and from their systems. We have also seen an increase in Tenders specifically asking for CCTV to operate over mobile networks, for example to provide surveillance for Fly Tipping, traffic monitoring or remote building sites. We receive mobile CCTV system requests from local authorities, hospitals, schools and colleges and as construction sites, parish councils and businesses requiring temporary CCTV surveillance.

Increasingly the use of mobile or broadband lines is enabling CCTV operators a wider reach for their network surveillance needs. With superfast "fibre" broadband offering real time video streaming the viewing of CCTV over the same technology is easily achieved. The problem often exists though with upload speeds with most modern internet services providing an asymmetrical connection a far greater download speed compared to upload.

3G and less so 4G can vary greatly depending on provider and connection signal strength, peaking at 7.2 Mbps 3G is more than capable of viewing remote CCTV but bandwidth does need to be managed when uploading camera images. 4G does boast much higher speeds and these are increasingly becoming achievable with many 4G connections now outperforming rural broadband connections.

Other options also include Satellite internet connectivity although this can quickly become very expensive.

3G Mobile data allowances vary between providers but typically are between 1GB and 5GB of data per month and this is usually a combined figure (upload + download). We have found many providers blocking connection when using voice based contracts purely for data and then charging a premium for a data only provision. There is also the question regarding fixed IP provision which adds simplicity to the connectivity of your system and also some additional security options. Typically a fixed IP will cost per month in addition to any data service charges.

Our most popular 3G connection is 2Gb per month, dynamic IP which is ideal for occasional viewing, monitoring of camera and recorder health. We are able to connect to the camera either using secure VPN or remote desktop.

When to use mobile networks.

3G is great for general web browsing and internet access and is also very useful for file uploads. For instance, 3G is used with our SceneVu mobile RDC cameras to periodically FTP upload images to a remote central server. This period can be set by time interval or motion trigger events. Remote viewing is also possible for short periods of time and moving across to 4G can provide better results with higher capacity streaming and data throughput. But as with all mobile network communication data comes at a premium and mobile CCTV transmission is still considered as a last resort where no other transmission is available.

Videcom are a national CCTV and electronic security systems installer with our head office in Waltham Abbey Essex. We install a wide variety of networked CCTV and Access control products over a variety of network medium including Wi-Fi, Fibre option, Broadband, 3G & 4G. It is a case of matching budget to requirement and expectation to enable delivery of secure CCTV images and data.