VNR Server Download

Videcom VNR for Windows® is available for free download.

Please feel free to download and install our VNR software which is a full working edition of the full VNR Video Server suite, including Web Server and Client, VNR Viewing Client and Server. The SERVER software is limited to one camera connection. This installer can also be used to install the latest VNR monitor client, please unselect server option when installing. You can contact our Sales team for a quotation to upgrade top a full licence.

This software download contains all the VNR standard software components, Digital Recorder, Client Viewer, WebServer, Video Codecs and Analogue Video Grabber Card Drivers.

VNR Mini Systems

Personal: Single Camera with singe remote client, great for those small home applications of single remote 3G connected cameras you wish to connect to a central monitoring solution.

Basic: Maximum of 4 connected cameras again with single remote client, used in many of our SceneVu range and a cost effective small server solution.

VNR Small Systems

Professional: Maximum of 9 connected cameras again with three remote concurrent client licences, again used in many of our SceneVu range and a cost effective small server solution.

Advanced: Maximum of 16 connected cameras and five concurrent remote clients, used in for small commercial systems up to the traditional 16 camera CCTV module size.

VNR Unlimited

Enterprise: Unlimited cameras and clients, the only limitation is server performance and storage expectation, used on all our VNR servers. Unlimited ONVIF camera recording on a single server licence.

Our engineers have been successfully adding large 40 Tbyte Network Storage Arrays NAS to increase storage on enterprise systems,
VNR ANPR Licences

ANPR 2: 2 camera ANPR / LPR licence that can connect to any 2 VNR or VMS cameras on the network or locally on the same server

ANPR Unlimited: Ideally installed on to its own server, the unlimited licence allows ANPR events to be captured from any camera on the network. ANPR processing can be resource hungry so careful choice of server is important.