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Luxriot® VMS, powering the Videcom VNR & SceneVu RDC mobile CCTV cameras is an open architecture Video Management System (VMS). Luxriot®

Here we provide navigation and display options to a range of Luxriot® manufacture training videos that provide our customers who have purchased their own Luxriot VMS or VNR software licence with the advanced training required to get the most from the VMS system.

Luxriot® is a registered trademark of A&H Software House, Inc the videos and information are reproduced here by kind permission. Videcom Security are a premium Luxriot VMS and OEM integrator through our VNR platform.. Luxriot information is copyright © 2004-2016 A&H Software House, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Videcom VNR is powered by the Luxriot VMS engine and many of the configuration options are found in both versions of the software. VMS is an easy to deploy, flexible video management recording platform & through easy to use configuration wizards the software can be simply set up to meet your needs.

Basic configuration includes the setting up of user accounts, camera and IP video sources as well as storage and archive paths.

VMS and VNR support a wide range of industry standard camera, not just the traditional big names like Axis but an extensive list of cameras, encoders and IP Video devices as well as offering full ONVIF compliance and RTSP stream record and replay.
Archive Replay
Standard AVI: Distribute evidence.

Archive replay, management and download is the heart of the system, with advanced search options and flexible download options users are able to deliver video footage in an easy to distribute format and controlled compression.

HD video can generate large video files compared to traditional analogue video footage; users are able to download full HD real time video direct to DVD or export to USB memory and hard disk.

Lower resolution downloads, deliver smaller data file sizes, can be used for evidence distribution and is deployed in our Mobile 4G SceneVu RDC cameras.

In all cases the original High Definition is always available for replay and download until the evidence storage period expires.
Advanced Features
Advanced Features:

As well as supporting many bolt-on analytic systems such as ANPR and Advanced Video Analytics the VNR VMS has many built in user functions enhancing system use and deployment.

Digital Events: Allows users to monitor and react to triggered events from camera I/O, call up camera images, change recording parameters & automatically work with other cameras within the system.

VMS Monitoring: Automatic email to system supervisor or engineer in the event of video loss, generate system health reports with full image capture per camera as well as statistical information, presented in a simple HTML document. All these feature combine with the automatic software watchdog and health monitoring.

Now installing : With a successful pre-launch unveil at IFSEC 2016 Luxriot Evo was released on 1st July 2016. Evo is the latest evolution of the Luxriot platform, designed for resilience, scalability, duplicity and latest generation Full HD CCTV video technologies. With monitor wall options, system watchdogs and failsafe failover server combined with multi-site duplicate archiving and many other features designed for Town centre and high security CCTV installations.