Videcom VNR ANDROID APP Support.

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VNR Android App

The Videcom VNR, Android viewer for mobile devices. Low bandwidth remote viewing thats Android Ready.

Easy to use live and replay of VNR CCTV cameras. Webserver installation required on VNR Server.

Free to download and use, just visit Google Play or click the download button below"

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Luxriot VMS Software

VNR Overview

VNR Network Video Recorders, full ONVIF support, Videcom Press Release and further information on our Videcom VNR range.

Software based recording solutions, packed with features including options for ANPR, Video analytics, Dynamic serching, remote client support, mobile and 3G viewing, multi-brand intergration, ONVIF compliance, NAS and Coldstore storage options.

Fully ONVIF compliant enterprise digital recording.

Videcom VNR Software

VNR Integration

  • VNR Monitor Wall
  • VNR Spot Monitor
  • VNR ANPR Automatic Number Plate Reading
  • VNR FR Facial Recognition
  • SceneVu with VNR

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Videcom VNR Evolving Digital Video Solutions .

Videcom VNR ANPR

ANPR Bolt-on

VNR ANPR also known as LPR works with the connected VNR cameras to produce number plate analytic information.

Allowing search on plate or partial plate then replay of footage.

VNR ANPR works best with dedicated anpr cameras and intergrates fully with Videcom ANPR Manager.

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