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Videcom VNR

What is VNR

The Videcom VNR® is powered by the Luxriot® VMS engine and is an open architecture Video Management System (VMS). Videcom VNR® accepts MJPEG, MPEG4, RTSP and H.264 as well as HD and megapixel video streams from Network (IP) cameras, IP encoders, video capture boards and still jpeg images.

Videcom VNR® is integrated with over 3000 CCTV camera devices from all major manufacturers, camera list, including Axis, Bosch, LG, Hikvision, Messoa, Panasonic, Samsung and SONY. This together with the Videcom VNR® client-server architecture allows users to build hybrid & scalable recording solutions from a single NVR/DVR to the multiple server multi-site systems handling thousands of cameras.

Videcom VNR can support all the various camera manufactures onto a single VNR recorder. Analogue telemetry is supported via RS485/RS232/RS422 external drivers and digital I/O using Moxa IP IO interfaces.

Luxriot VMS Software

Video Analytics

VCA Video Analytics (add-on product) people counting, car counting, object counting, intruder perimeter detection, direction filter, dwell filter, removed object detection, abandoned object detection, people tracker, smoke detection filter, tailgating, calibration, colour detection, camera shake cancellation, camera tamper detection, enter exit filters, stopping filter and more.

Facial Recognition

VNR FR is another value added bolt-on addition to any VNR system, providing Facial capture and recognition to a local database giving options for review and search. Available in 2 main options covering the needs of low volume facial recognition and controlled access together with high security ports of entry and public space event Face Recognition and Facial Capture.

Videcom VNR

Video Wall

Developed by our team at Waltham Abbey an integration of software modules that allows legacy analogue CCTV systems to control and interface with the VNR servers, providing ONVIF S camera telemetry PTZ control from traditional CCTV analogue control systems while also providing integrated spot monitor control capable of displaying both the traditional analogue and new IP digital video streams.

Videcom Video wall is a custom built solution using Microsoft VBNet and Luxriot SDK and includes TCIP controlled multiscreen monitor display wall drivers and integration to other Videcom products including remote door and barrier control.

Videcom VNR can be custom configured to match your system requirements and existing CCTV.

Videcom VNR ANPR

Optional ANPR

VNR ANPR is a great cost effective addition to any VNR system, providing number plate reading to a local database giving options for review and search. VNR ANPR can also be integrated into Videcom ANPR manager suite, a network distributed ANPR analytics solution and complex SQL database.

ANPR Bolt-on

VNR ANPR also known as LPR works with the connected VNR cameras to produce number plate analytic information.

Allowing search on plate or partial plate then replay of footage.

VNR ANPR works best with dedicated anpr cameras and intergrates fully with Videcom ANPR Manager.

VNR Server Hardware

VNR Server is based around an industrial specification motherboard and the Microsoft operating system is installed onto a separate SSD hard disk providing high resilience and reliably. Each Videcom VNR server comes complete with up to 5 external caddy SATA disk bays, with up to 40TByte WD purple surveillance 24/7 storage, standard VNR comes complete with 16TByte. I/O includes tripple NIC, USB, RS232, RS485, HDMI and optional DVD export drive.

VNR Mini

VNRmini HP G8 desk mount mini server, quad front loading disk bay, dual NIC, HP build quality with SVGA built in graphics. Separate Windows OS disk and up to 18 Tbyte WD Purple disk storage. Systems typically up to 16 cameras.

VNR Micro

VNRmicro is designed for small 4 camera systems and our SceneVu transportable RDC solutions. Using the same SSD operating system disk and INTEL® NUC hardware, VNR mini is an entry level IP HD ONVIF recorder with a small footprint yet powerful performance. Mini is also Mobile and 4G ready.

VNR SceneVu

VNR Re-deployable (RDC) cameras designed to fill a gao and meet a need for lower cost external public space CCTV surveillance in towns and cities. Available in a single camera SceneVu Cyclops version through to four camera SceneVu Panoramic version. All SceneVu cameras come with Wi-Fi and 3G and 4G connectivity options with remote viewing over VLAN.

VNR designed intelligence

The Videcom VNR range has been designed to suit a variety of video surveillance installation needs, powered by the world recognised Luxriot VMS engine the VNR is a simple to use powerful, versatile fully featured and robust digital IP recording and video management solution.

With optional bolt-on video analytics including VNR ANPR and cross integration with our ANPR director which has built in VNR video player together with partner integration with a range of manufacturers including Panasonic, Axis, Redvision and Pelco based systems.

The VNR ANPR Video payer allows operators to call up the VNR recorded footage associated with the ANPR camera based on the time of the ANPR transaction.

Why Choose VNR ?

  • Strong Design:

    The VNR family has been designed and extensively field tested and is built around industry standard hardware, Western Digital Purple Surveillance Storage and Luxriot tried and tested VMS software. As an OEM Luxriot integrator we have unrivalled access to development and technical resource.

  • Engineer Competence and Awareness

    Videcom realise that their ongoing success is owed in no small part to the commitment of their staff and regularly hold in house engineering meetings to allow the transfer of technical knowledge and the introduction of new products to the engineers. Videcom promote the use of manufacturer training facilities with engineers regularly attending training on new products.

    Training also extends to annual health and safety, plant training and site safety awareness courses.

    Videcom maintain staff training and health and safety records at their head office in Waltham Abbey.

  • Videcom Products

    All specifications, designs and construction are carried out "in house", utilising the company's own engineering in combination with the best branded CCTV products. Videcom are a major systems installer for Fujinon, Samsung, Dedicated Micros, Panasonic, Bosh, Fast/Nice, Meyertech, Synectics, SilverNet Wi-Fi and Wavesight products. The Company also manufactures CCTV controllers, switchers, remote control devices and frame grabbers tailored for use in specialist installations; covert camera enclosure design and assembly.

    Videcom Products portfolio includes the Videcom VNR, a family of digital recorders with both analogue and IP CCTV recording capability.

    The Videcom Software Department designs front-end solutions including graphics for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) utilised by Municipal Authorities and Police. Introduction of ANPR manager software management developed in 2003 for ANPR as a low-cost vehicle identification system.

  • Videcom Quality & Service
    At Videcom it is all about Quality and Service together with a commitment to project delivery, cost competitive solutions and provision of systems for safer neighbourhoods.

    Videcom Security, Secure in our vision.