Videcom Evo Player

What is Evo Player
Videcom EVO Video Player is designed to play Luxriot EVO AVI and MP4 files saved with the default name settings. Time and Date can be displayed within the player window or an optional larger clock can be displayed above the player. Other files may not display correctly. Copyright Videcom Security Ltd 2017. This player is provided without warranty or technical support and is used solely at users own risk. The player is designed to overcome the requirement to display time and date on saved video that do not have hard titling added. Hard titling can be added during video export to AVI files. This software has been written by Videcom Security.

Restrictions on use
Videcom are a commercial security installation company specialising in commercial and public safety CCTV systems and a United Kingdom national Luxriot Video Management specialist. You can use this tool and freely distribute it, it is designed to only work with Luxriot EVO video downloads and comes with no warranty. All we ask is if you like the application then please visit us on our social media sites, like and follow us.

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How does it work ?
When exporting video footage from your EVO system please use the default titling option for file name. Our player takes the information within the filename and extracts the start time of the footage.

After starting the player, you have a series of menu buttons across the top menu bar and an interactive display bar across the bottom.

For test purposes we have included a link to a test video, this MP4 video is available from , the important part is making sure the video file has the correct name format, as per the default save filename when exporting EVO footage YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS filename.mp4 e.g. 2017-03-30 11-15-22 My video file.mp4

Menu Items & Downloads

1. Open Video: Browse to file and open.
2. Full Screen: Available during play & pause.

3. Options

  Large Clock: Toggle display large clock.
  Video Slider 1: Toggle video slider overlay 1.
  Video Slider 2: Toggle video slider overlay 2. (5)
  All options off: Clears selected options.

Lower menu bar

   First tab: Displays file name.
  7. Next tab : click to Toggle display large clock.
  8. Next tab : Toggle video slider overlay 2.
  9. Next tab : Toggle video slider overlay 1.
  10 Next tab : Click to open file.

To download the software please click here , a new window will open. This is a Microsoft Click Once application, Net Framework 4.5 is required, also depending on your computer settings or antivirus you may get notification that the software is not trusted.

To download the test video please click here. Player Screen Shot
(Click outside the picture to close.)

Download Software Download Test Video

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