Choosing the Correct Locks

Maglocks: Easy to install medium security, failsafe, designed primarily for internal doors. Should not be relied on for external building security.

Electric Release: Available in Failsafe and Fail Secure options, some releases also have built in lock monitoring, huge market range from low cost low security to high security options.

Electric Locks: High Security, for example Abloy El-560, also supporting options for emergency key override and handled egress.

Road Barriers: Through our partners PSL Automation we are able to arrange professional installation of automated gates, barriers, rising bollards and ramps.

  • Abloy Security Lock


    Abloy EL560 Electic Lock
  • Dahua Double Door Maglock


    Dahua Dual Maglock
  • Trimec Elec Release


    Trimec Electric Release
  • FAAC Roadway Automated Barrier

    620 Rapid

    FAAC Road Barriers, 620 shown.

Abloy EL560 Handled Electric Lock

Designed for high security applications

Required cable run to lock

Business premises, public buildings, hospitals and schools

Use for Medium to High rated doors

Both side handle option

Built in monitoring

Key Override

ASF280B Double Door Magnetic Lock

280KG per lock holding force

Built-in reverse current protection device

Aluminum high strength alloy housing

Dual Voltage: DC12V or DC24V

Designed to prevent residual magnetism

Trimec ES-200 Electric Release

Fail safe/fail secure changeable on site

High security

4 Hour fire rating

850kg holding force

1 million cycles endurance rating

Cast stainless steel body

Stainless steel locking pins

Low Current consumption - Max 175mA @12Vdc

Mounting kit supplied as standard

TRICARE® 5 Year Warranty

FAAC 620 Rapid

Up to 4 Metre Beam

2 second up time (3M beam)

Low Power 220 W 240 VAC

Hydraulic operator with opening and closing lock

The ideal solution for heavy traffic

Electronic deceleration (patented)

External release with triangular key

Built in detector, two independent channels

BUS technology