SceneVu CUPID.

Mobile CCTV Image upload display page

CUPID, Capture Upload Image Display is Videcoms own VNR static mobile image uploader. Another VNR value added tool allowing our customers greater flexibility and system performance from our leading video management system.

VNR, powered by Luxriot, is a powerful flexible and adaptable ONVIF compliant video management and recording solution, our image uploader is an example how as OEM integrators Videcom are able to provide added value to their customers, CCTV installations and Mobile 4G CCTV systems.

CUPID is part of larger family of Videcom designed and built in UK software modules for our VNR and ANPR systems. VNR is a network based ONVIF IP video platform working over LAN, WAN, Braodband, 4G, Moble secure VPN and wireless networks.

CUPID VNR take photo ready to upload

Capture CUPID is web based and has been tested on various browsers, iPhone and Android devices with cameras up to 18 MPixel. The capture routine has been designed to be a quick and simple point & click and mobile image upload routine.

  • Type your reference.
  • Up to 12 digit personal reference that will be sent to our SceneVu Online server with your image.

  • Click Camera Icon.
  • Automatically opens up select file from camera or file, using your phones own navigation take a new photo or select from album.

    Geo Location information automatically passed from your phone GPS and this information is added to the image text overlay. Users also have the option to adjust image save resolutions, using a simple slider control which can be locked with a tick box.

SceneVu CUPID Remote 4G Mobile image upload

Download, even before you press download we have checked your image, only Jpeg images are allowed, any other file then the smiley face is updated and the upload function is disabled. Press the Smiley button again and he goes sad.

You are now presented with an additional label "2. Upload Image" and you have enabled the upload routine, simply click the smiley button.

  • Click Smiley Icon.
  • As long as he is still happy you are now ready to upload your image. Click Smiley button, an additional uploading icon will appear, please wait for your image to upload.

    SceneVu CUPID smiley Icon, when you see the smiley everything is OK. Sime intuitive customer interactive interfacing.

SceneVu Mobile Programming

Uploaded, once your image has been uploaded to the VNR SceneVu Online server our code evaluates the image resolution and determines the best sized image resolution for our VNR platform. The image is now automatically resized and embedded text overlay is added which includes the time the image was uploaded, your reference and the IP address of your mobile device.

  • Image is saved automatically on our online SceneVu server; the original image is deleted after resizing, some mobile phones retain the original image. This routine uses 3G & 4G mobile data when not connected to Wi-Fi.

  • A results confidence page containing information about the image conversion and displaying the image is loaded. The VNR, configured in advance, will verify the resized image upload, display & record the image into the Videcom video server.