Syenectics Partner
Syenctics Synergy
Videcom are a certified Syenctics product partner, with over 15 years' experience with the Syenectics CCTV command and control product range. Videcom started to install Synectics analogue CCTV hardware back in 90's.

The latest evolution of Synectics comprehensive command and control platform, Synergy 3, by Synectics, is the result of almost 30 years security industry experience and sector expertise.

Synergy 3 is a user-friendly, centralised open architecture command and control platform with unparalleled flexibility, expandability, and resiliency.

An open architecture platform, Synergy 3 is designed to present and manage alarms, video, and transactional data from independent sub-systems - such as access control, fire, process control, point of sale - in a secure, unified and visually intuitive command and control environment.

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Digital Recording
Synectics Town Centre CCTV Recording
Synectics digital recording systems combine intelligent recording management software with secure robust & reliable hardware platforms for professional video recording, storage and review.

Fully integrated with Synergy 3 command and control platform, operators have access to commonly used functions for playback, incident capture and review, and search. Footage can be simultaneously delivered to any number of operator review clients with both local and remote access. Synergy and Synectics digital recording are an ideal enterprise digital solution for town and city centre CCTV systems.

Designed to encode, stream and record real-time, MPEG2 or H.264 video from Synectics encoders at up to D1 resolution or MPEG4, H.264 or MJPEG video from third party encoders , and HD IP cameras, PSN 3 supports a variety of proprietary and third party cameras and encoders, including ONVIF compatible devices to deliver real-time, high quality recording.

Review of Synergy installation at Watford Town Centre
Display Solutions
Meyertech Eclipse
Synectics Display Wall drivers enable the display of IP compatible video sources, systems statistics, web content and system maps onto large-scale display walls. With up to 32 images per two monitors from a variety of analogue and IP video sources

Compatible and integrated with Synergy 3 and Synergy Pro systems, these devices deliver excellent reproduction of independent, live and recorded video streams from compatible third party SD, HD and megapixel IP cameras, DVRs, and encoders, including ONVIF and PSIA compliant devices, and Synectics' own H.264 video encoders and IP HD camera range.

The Pro Display Wall can display up to 32 streams in a range of layouts including full screen, 4x4, 2x2, 3x3 and 5+1. Micro Display Wall supports mini display port or HDMI devices and delivers up to 4 streams in both full and quad screen formats.

Analogue Solutions
Meyertech Analogue CCTV
Traditional & scalable from one to thousands of cameras, Synectics' EX250 Systems deliver space-efficient and reliable analogue matrices, PTZ and integrated switching and control systems.

Robust and Flexible
EX250 System features a wide range of products including:

  • High Density Matrices
  • Control Keyboards
  • DC and AC receivers
  • Alarm Management Interfaces
  • Data Distributors
  • Text Generators
  • Privacy, patented masking device

  • Efficient design, fast and accurate control, industrial reliability, and the widest support of third party product integration available, make Synectics EX250 System the smart choice for small, mid-size, and enterprise class analogue surveillance control applications.