Siklu 60Ghz
Siklu 600Tx
Videcom choose Siklu for their preffered partner for 60Ghz milli-metre radios delivering up to 1 GBit data throughput. Siklu EtherHaul -600TX 60GHz V-Band radios provide excellent reliability combined with small footprint and easy to manage setup and configuration.

Using the Siklu online link tool Videcom, enables Videcom engineers the confidence to predict the link performance based on location, geography and rain fall. Installation results again and again are able to confirm predictive transmission results.
Flexible Connectivity
Siklu Connectivity
The EtherHaul- 500TX, smaller cousin of the 600 provides aggregated data throughput of up to 200 Mbps, this low cost radio is ideal for street level IP camera connectivity in smart urban City and Town CCTV systems. Extending the reach and through put of IP public space CCTV installations

Completely free of the standard 5.8 GHz frequency congestion 60 GHz allows PtP Wi-Fi linkage where traditional radios have failed to operate. EtherHaul- 500TX is a perfect product partner for upgrading 5Ghz networks.
Siklu Mounting
Siklu brackets
From an engineering perspective the Siklu radios are easy to deploy, come with excellent manufacture support and deliver the results predicted though the online support tools. The radios come equipped with solid easy to adjust bracketry and alignment scope.

The 500 radios are small footprint only 165 x 165 x 110 and weigh in at 1.8Kg, combine this with the easy to understand comprehensive built in webpage configuration interface and you have an ideal short haul high capacity high reliability IP data link.
600TX Radio
Siklu 600TX 60GHz Radio
Rain fade: 60 GHz is unique in that the radio waves are absorbed by the oxygen molecule, in short the energy from the radio signal is depleted as it travels through the air and in particular rain or fog.

This traditionally limited the use of 60GHz to short distances as the signal fades over distance, but in busy urban environments where typically we work with distances under a kilometer, 60GHz characteristics are a plus point with narrow transmission beam, environmental signal dispersion & low system deployment 60GHz is a welcome choice for congested public space Wi-Fi.
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E Band Installation


Choose SIKLU ®

Interference-free Ethernet everywhere; designed for Video Surveillance Connectivity (CCTV) Wi-Fi Hotspot Backhaul Business Broadband Campus Connectivity, smarter cities and security system networking.

The field proven, all-weather externally rated IP67 sealed radio guarantees predicted carrier grade performance, even in harsh conditions; facilitating futureproof investment and easily maintained data throughput. The combination of interference-free capacity and sub-millisecond latency is designed and deployed to create scalable street-level IP connectivity.
Installed with ease

The small form-factor radio is swiftly and seamlessly integrated with street furniture - greatly alleviating site acquisition procedures. The one-box solution incorporates an integrated antenna and Ethernet switch, with PoE-In and dual PoE-Out delivering power to local 5Ghz radio sets.

These additional engineering features reduce external cables and site installation time. Cascading radios and servicing supplementary devices such as surveillance cameras and further Wi-Fi access points made easier through design.

Siklu's 60GHz solution utilizes a 7GHz wide V-Band spectrum in the most efficient way known today. With 8 non-overlapping full capacity channels, which are user-selectable, the high capacity EH-600TX provides the most scalable solution on the market for dense networks.

The non-linear high attenuation of the 60GHz spectrum is smartly utilized to facilitate optimal matching between link length and selected channel. This results in unmatched frequency reuse capabilities - with inherent narrow beams further increasing reuse factors. These features ensure interference-free, full capacity service, and empower networks with fiber-like robust quality connectivity.
What about 5.8Ghz

5.8 GHz radios still have a place in CCTV and urban Wi-Fi systems, typically lower cost, easier to deploy these radios are often our first choice product based on cost and performance. The Silvernet range of radios are a recommended Wi-Fi product partner, offering high reliability, high capacity IP data transmission in the 5GHz spectrum.

5GHz though being license exempt is also the product of choice for many other systems, local Cafe Wi-Fi, Town center Hotspots, Traffic management solutions, urban Wi-Fi and data transmission to name but a few and this has led of frequency congestion and the reason 60 GHz is a product of choice providing interference free transmission with guaranteed SLA.