Luxriot Evo
Luxriot VMS Evo Software
Luxriot® VMS, powering the Videcom VNR: Luxriot Evo herewith its European launch at IFSEC 2016 and officially released on 1st July, Luxriot Evo® is the evolution of IP ONVIF VMS CCTV software solutions, advanced video management combined with;

What is Evo
What is Luxriot Evo
Evo is a culmination of many years of hard work and development by the world renowned Luxriot development team. Luxriot VMS is a tried and tested industry leading VMS video management solution and the engine behind the Videcom VNR and SceneVu Mobile RDC cameras.

Evo centralises your CCTV systems, provides advanced alarm and event management, adds system redundancy for mission critical control rooms, integrates seamlessly with the advanced Evo video wall display.

Evo brings together video technologies, display requirements, viewing clients, cross platform integration, video distribution and robust and distributed video archiving.

EVO is available in 3 main versions, EVO, EVO S and the enteprise version EVO Global.
First look Evo
Luxriot Evo Connectivity
Videcom as products partners, OEM integrators and Luxriot value added resellers are receiving advanced pre-launch product training so we are ready and able to deliver Evo solutions directly to our customers. VNR Xecure will be launched later this year as part of our OEM product implimentation of Luxriot software.

Evo incorporates advanced video sub stream control allowing digital video distribution to clients, specific storage, Video Analytics, ANPR and mobile or thin client viewers.

EVO is as good as it looks with flexible network design; multiple sites can share video resource over LAN, WAN, Broadband, 4G and other TCIP medium. EVO globalises video survelliance.
Luxriots Mission
Luxriot Evo Connectivity
The idea of a well-designed, top-quality and high performance VMS, brought to customers at the competitive prices, was first developed in 2005 by the finest international team of computer engineers. That is how Luxriot®started.

Luxriot Copyright and Trademark are registered in USA and owned by A&H Software House, Inc. a NY, USA Company.

Videcom are a Luxriot OEM integrator and specialist technical reseller supporting and reselling the Luxriot brand and software products throughout the UK.

Why not review some of the common and frequently asked questions about EVO in our EVO FAQ and EVO Gloabl FAQ sections, here you will find questions and answers on EVO and EVO Global products.
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We have now created a new site dedicated to promoting Luxriot EVO software, this site includes in depth articles, hints and tips about Luxriot EVO S as well as a sales portal and software option descriptions. Please feel free to visit and browse the site.

Videcom are a fully registered Luxriot Certified Partner, as well as an OEM integrator of the VMS Video Management Software under our own range of trademarked VNR SceneVu Xecure ™ UK00003171074 recorders and mobile SceneVu RDC 4G transportable cameras.