Gallagher Security is a division of Gallagher Group, a global leader in the innovation, manufacture and marketing of security, animal management, fuel systems and contract manufacturing solutions.

Gallagher access control solutions were added to the Videcom portfolio in 2018 to help meet the growing needs of our customers to increase access control data security, reduce life costs of systems and meet the demands of GDPR.

Videcom are a certified Gallagher Channel Partner and a enjoy a close working relationship with the UK product team. Gallagher solutions are designed for enterprise access control systems, and deliver enhanced security, data encryption and access management through their Control Centre software, Mobile application and integration.

Why Gallagher
Gallagher Command Centre Software
Gallagher Security offers award winning accredited access control solutions worldwide through trained and accredited partners.

Gallagher Command Centre software: System owners are assured of a cost effective easy to manage secure access control solution with enterprise features and enhanced bolt-on options such as full elevator destination control.

Command Centre is highly configurable and can be tailored suit the unique needs of our customers sites, Command Centre also delivers configurable management and reporting on all aspects of your system.

Everything that happens on-site is relayed to Command Centre operators in real time, enabling a swift and appropriate response to security threats.

Seamless integration with complimentary security and site management solutions means Command Centre delivers on its promise.
Access Control
Gallagher PIV 6000 Access Controller
Dedicated 6000 series controllers allow for autonomous operation when disconnected from the management software. The PIV 6000 delivers enhanced security through end to end card data encryption as well as a advanced of IO functionality.

The PIV 6000 is securely and periodically updated by the Gallagher Command Centre Server with full details of PIV cardholder certificates and their access rights status. Combined with Gallagher T Series PIV readers, the Controller 6000 is responsible for performing all contactless PIV smart card authentication checks, enforcing the revocation status of PIV smart card certificates, and performing cardholder specific access control decisions without the need for constant server connectivity.

The Galagher 6000 High Spec (HS) option Controller is the latest version access control panel available from Gallagher and is fully compliant to the latest FIPS 201 standards, delivering higher security accreditation for your access data.

Access Features
Gallagher Access Readers
Videcom partner with specific brands as they deliver enhanced functionality and lower life cost ownership to our customers. Gallagher Access Control meets the exacting requirements expected by our company, offering upgrade paths for existing systems due to the flexible system topology and enhanced partner support through the UK and worldwide.

The Gallagher Access control portfolio delivers cost effective enterprise access control solutions and includes:

IP based 10/100 Ethernet connectivity.
Supports up to 10 wired doors.
Multiple readers configurable per door .
Intruder alarms monitoring.
Business Policy Enforcement options.
Visitor Management & Signin.
Programmable controller based logic.
Authentication and data encryption.
Support for elevator access control.
Supports Perimeter Security.
BMS Integration.
Locker Control.
Peer-to-peer monitoring.
HS High security variants.
Perimeter Security
Gallagher Perimeter Protection
Gallagher perimeter security includes electronic and specialist high voltage fence systems delivering enhanced perimeter protection and site security management through deterrent and detection.

Videcom working with Gallagher fencing specialists have already delivered high security site protection for the UK energy sector. Gallagher products provide options for both electronic detection with their Z20 perimeter disturbance sensors as well as high voltage fencing systems delivered through third party integrators.

The Z20 Disturbance Sensor provides discrete detection which heightens perimeter security through the intelligent detection of vibration or movement of the fence or other structures. Alarms are generated and reported to Command Centre when the disturbance meets a predefined threshold, providing quick intrusion detection and response times without the intruder being aware. Through OPC intergration Gallagher events and actions can be linked to our Luxriot EVO video CCTV solutions.
Gallagher Command ®

Visitor Management

Locker Management

Perimeter Protection

Product videos have been reproduced with kind permission of Gallagher Security from their official YouTube Channel.