Tendered Design
Dahua CCTV 4K Monitors
The City of Lincoln looked for a new fresh approach to their City Centre CCTV requirements, looking to reduce life cost of their CCTV as well as delivering added benefits to the project and residents of Lincoln.
,br> The CCTV upgrade is a top 30 Lincoln City Vision 2020 project, delivering regeneration and value to the community and delivering enhanced CCTV coverage with Full HD 4 and 6 Mega Pixel CCTV transported over a new IP wireless network.

Steve Bird, Assistant Director for Communities and Street Scene at City of Lincoln Council, stated:

   "The new system will have extended capabilities and coverage and therefore be better able to support the police and other agencies in keeping people safe in the city centre."

Videcom Design
Secure in Our Vision.
Technology Partners
Lincoln City CCTV
During the bid process it was very clear Lincolns desire to embrace new technology as well as well as ensure best value, long term manufacture support and maintain lower running costs.

Videcom looked to Dahua, Luxriot, Siklu, Infinet and iComply to help them put together a technology package that Videcom could then integrate and install.

Dahua added value with enhanced analytics, Luxriot with low cost external client interface and wide IP CCTV integration, Siklu with low costs 60 & 80Ghz IP transmission, Infinet with street level 5.8Ghz transmission and iComply with their VTAS CRVMS software.

"We've gone from 5% to 60% successful reviews of police incidents with the new system." - Martin Byrne Customer.
Design Concept
Siklu IP Transmission
The design concept was based around delivering flexible technology, reducing life costs of the system, ease of installation, lower maintenance requirements and remote connectivity and support.

As an ISO14001 company Videcom are always looking to reduce their environmental and community impact while delivering and installing our CCTV and security solutions. Specifying lower energy technology, integrating remote support, ethically recycling all help save the environment and reduce costs.

The Videcom design incorporated both camera and server side analytics, including FR facial recognition technologies, ANPR, Heat Maps, Pedestrian Counting as well as legacy motion & audio detection.
System Delivery
Linclon CCTV
The installation was delivered in phases with the high capacity Siklu radios installed and configure first. This provided a 1 Giga Bit full duplex ring with resilience, delivery transmission path diversity. This was followed by the swift installation of 10 4K 42 inch Dahua monitors and Luxriot 300 camera EVO Global.

The existing analogue CCTV and current HD IP cameras LG, Redvision & Hikvision were then added to the EVO system allowing occupation and operation of the new CCTV control room with minimal down time. The councils Videcom VNR recording system was upgraded to EVO allowing for continuity of migrated evidence to EVO.

The last phase of the CCTV installation is the installation of street level PtP Infinet Wireless links and the new 4 and 6 Mega Pixel Dahua cameras. Following on from the delivery of CCTV, Videcom will be installing a new City Centre Public Wi-Fi solution.