Tendered Design
Redvision X-Series PTZ
Barton upon Humber, nestled in North Lincolnshire, is our latest addition Town centre CCTV system to be added to the growing Scunthorpe Control Room. Originally subject to competitive CCTV tender, the Videcom design, attention to detail and specification compliance all helped Videcom being awarded this prestigious IP Video installation.

Our final design consisted of 3 Redvision RXIP ONVIF HD PTZ Domes supported with 10 LG CCTV HD bullet cameras.

Our design incorporates the latest Redvision SDK integration and Videcom VNR Recorder supporting ONVIF telemetry and video display within the analogue CCTV control room.

Videcom Design
Secure in Our Vision.
Silvernet Wi-Fi
Redvision ONVIF Integration
With an extensive SilverNet radio Wi-Fi CCTV transmission network already installed our design took advantage of some of the existing high capacity backhaul links in order to relay the real time IP Video HD images back to the Scunthorpe CCTV command and control room.

Our solution is the first implementation of the latest generation low-energy Pico transceivers, providing short distance high capacity street level Wi-Fi links in a new smaller form factor case. New latest generation electronics and transmission algorithms are all helping to provide a secure trouble free wireless solution.

A high capacity 240 Mbit XT Link provides a backhaul connection via the south tower of the Humber Bridge.
Redvision RXIP
Redvsion IP  Camera
The Redvision RXIP range of cameras including the new 720P version with improved Low Light CCTV image capture was the ideal PTZ camera of choice for the Barton CCTV project.

Videcom have worked with Redvision, a UK based CCTV manufacturer of Town Centre Quality Cameras since the early introduction of the new RXIP range. We have worked closely to ensure ONVIF and SDK integration through our VNR range of equipment. The Redvision RXIP Cameras are the camera of choice for many of our City and Public Space CCTV Installations.

The RXIP cameras are providing real time Full HD CCTV images with proportional PTZ control including telemetry integration of Wiper and camera presets.
LG Full HD
Redvision Analogue PTZ
The HD IP LG CCTV cameras in particular the 2 MPixel 7210 series offer Videcom as system integrators a simple reliable range of High Definition fully ONVIF Compliant CCTV cameras. Supporting PoE and remote focusing the cameras are our product of choice for fixed CCTV coverage in urban envioronments.

The LG CCTV static camera range now includes advanced video analytics adding further capability and functionality to any CCTV system. The LG cameras support built in Motion Detection, Face Detection and Line Crossing Intruder Detection.

At the heart of the system is our VNR enteprise IP ONVIF recorder, with telemetry and alanogue video inegration, IP Connectivity and multi-video distribution.