Videcom ANPR Manager.

Videcom ANPR

ANPR manager is a suite of software designed to integrate, manage and display ANPR data and images. Manager provides integration to a wide range of ANPR and LPR reading engines including our own VNR ANPR and the latest HIK Vision LPR Analytics built into the DS-2CD4A25FWD & DS-2CD4A26FWD cameras.

With advanced event management we are able to drive LED signs, Automatic barriers for Access Control applications as well as email and SMS text alerts.

Barrier Controlled ANPR

Versatile integration With Microsoft SQL database at its heart and software written in house in VBNet Manager and its supporting suite of products, Director, Monitor and Client provide our customers with a powerful, easy to use and flexible ANPR management and review platform.

Client is also integrated with our VNR digital recording servers to allow real time video replay of an ANPR read combined with the Static Image, Plate Patch and overview camera image.

Videcom ANPR Solutions

Videcom ANPR and LPR now includes real time HD recording options of the ANPR camera feeds, allowing for real and deeper analysis of consensus percentages and rate of accuracy. Our HD engine is network connected so can take feeds from multiple sites.

Videcom VNR HD ANPR is available as a 30 day trail when integrated with our VNR recording family. Why not test our systems before you buy.

Videcom Car Parking ANPR Manager Solutions

Car Parking Manager can be configured to work in many ways and provide useable user data from the system, car park management allows for overstay alerts, car park capacity warning, auto alert of overstay as well as additional car park security CCTV recording and driver overview.

Other data analytic options include average journey time, variable speed detection, traffic surveys and city traffic flow monitoring.


Designed ANPR Solutions:

  • All new Hikvision analytic HD LPR CAMERA.
  • Dedicated VNR HD ANPR CAMERAS.
  • Replay video based on target vehicle search.
  • Full and flexible post data search algorithms.
  • Engine management and remote performance reporting.
  • Multi-Technology integration including Legacy City Sync systems.
  • ANPR Site management and access control.
  • Target database import, PNC integration.
  • Email and SMS alerts.
  • LED Signage and displays to remote large corporate displays.
  • CCTV control room ANPR integration.
  • Car Park Solutions.
  • Barrier Access Control systems.

  • ANPR for Town Centres:

    Originally designed in the mid 1990's our ANPR systems have always been able to connect over low cost broadband lines and more recently 3 and 4G data links. Built into our ANPR Director as a secure VPN client combined with tampering monitoring and real time watchdog and PC health reporting including temperature and disk space.

    Our ANPR director also uploads all the images captured on the ANPR Engine for central storage and no local data is retained at the ANPR site. These same solutions have be rolled out to municipal waste sites, managing traffic flow analysis and reporting on regular vehicle movement.

    A single Videcom ANPR Manger Server installed into a Town or City Centre CCTV control room can manage the ANPR traffic from multiple camera sites, including high volume arterial roads as well as municipal car parks and public parks.

    Transportable and remotely connected ANPR:

    Broadband VPN technology adopted by Videcom for remote ANPR is the most cost effective use of this powerful data gathering tool, eclipsing the conventional direct video feed camera to central engine/management solution.

    Remote sites record video, analyse plate information and forward this on securely to our central SQL secure database.

    ANPR Modules

    • Director:

      Director provides an interface between the ANPR camera or decoding engine and our SQL database. Director provides housekeeping, health monitoring and interface directly to gate controls and LED signage. Director also handles communication channels over mobile 4G and broadband networks as well as contact alarm monitoring. Director can continue to work stand alone when communication paths are interrupted, and update the database on reconnection. Data consists of up to 3 images as well as the vehicle plate plus time & date information.

    • Monitor

      Monitor is the workhorse of the system continuously collating the data from all the Directors, sorting the images into the correct storage locations and synchronising the SQL database.

      Monitor also receives health information from the Directors and produce email and text SMS alerts when appropriate. Monitor also works with the Directors sending software patches and target vehicle data, white and black lists.

    • Manager

      Manager is our central configuration tool, setting up the induvial traffic lanes, email server details, users, administrators and access levels. Manager allows the import of large target databases and also provides some direct search tools. Manager is normally installed on the central ANPR server.

    • Client

      Our ANPR user interface with and easy to use menu based system and power search engine. Our search tools provide a flexible detailed yet simple to operate filter enabling the display and evaluation of target vehicle data and events.

      Client will display results that can then be used to produce graphs, statistical information and access to stored video replay. Client incorporates special software modules such as car park manager, ANPR for Forecourts and traffic flow analysis.

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    ANPR Case Studies

      Municipal ANPR:

      Municipal waste sites and council utility yards, modern HD ANPR system with a mix of IP surveillance cameras and ANPR, system over 8 sites and connected back utilising secure VPN networking to a central ANPR Manager. Each site has its own VNR network recorder with bolt on LPR ANPR reading engine and Videcom Director.

      Centrally the sites manager can access ANPR data and footage from all sites as well as remotely visually monitor the sites. With our latest Client version the customer is able to recall live video steams from the remote servers. Videcom following successful tender designed, installed and now maintain this major ANPR system.

      Traffic Survey:

      Videcom was engaged to provide a 31 day traffic survey of major motorway toll booth. The data was collected by ANPR Manager and at the end of the 3 days was presented to the customer along with a copy of client enabling them to sort and filter the data set.

      In addition Videcom also provided some reports based on client requests which included traffic flow per hour per direction. Vehicles using the toll road in both directions and traffic only using it one way.

      Town Centre ANPR:

      Hertfordshire Constabulary under the direction of the Chief Constable Frank Whiteley engaged with Videcom SIA St Albans control room staff on a new initiative to utilise the City Centre Perimeter ANPR system designed and installed by Videcom in back in 2005.

      Such has been the success of the operation in not only detecting vehicle related offences but also significant arrests on other criminal related activities. As reported in the Herts Advertiser 10th March 2009 both Police, the Council and members of the public have been reassured by this innovative approach which did not result in the need for Police vehicle intercepts, all foot patrols. Originally published in the Herts Advertiser 2009.

      Private Estate ANPR:

      Major private housing estate with long standing ANPR system, traffic management, reporting unauthorised vehicles, LED warning signage, a mix of ANPR technologies with Videcom ANPR Manager at its heart.