Licence Free 60 GHz Wi-Fi

Resilient high capacity IP data links.

Is 60 GHz suitable ?

License-free 60GHz Wireless Ethernet Radios, for example SIKLU, have characteristics making them them unique and significantly different from current license free 5GHz license-free radios and and low cost licensed-band 80Ghz solutions. These characteristics give 60GHz radios operational advantages not found in other wireless systems and help fill the gap between the other two main frequency solutions Videcom install into town centres enabling transmision of IP CCTV images.

60 GHz is a short range high capacity IP Wi-Fi solution for links typically up to 500 meters, due to the frequency characteristics of 60GHz, the narrow transmission and absorption by oxygen in the atmosphere 60GHz have high overall resilience to interference from other license free installations. There is still a strong need for existing 5 GHz and 80GHz backhaul links and the introduction of 60 GHz radios to our portfolio enhances the digital IP transmission opportunities we are able to install.

  • License-free 60GHz radios have unique characteristics that can provide operational advantages over other solutions.
  • Narrow Beam Antennas: associated with 60GHz radios enable multiple radios to operate on the same rooftop or mast, and provide interference immunity from other 60GHz links.
  • High Data Transmission Security: Small beam sizes coupled with the oxygen absorption properties of 60GHz spectrum make the signal highly secure.

  • Rainfall and 60GHz Radios

    Like all radio links that operate above 10GHz, intense rainfall significantly limits the distance over which 60GHz links can transmit data error-free. Rainfall statistics have been extensively studied to support millimeter-wave link deployments, primarily for cellular telephone network backhaul. These statistics allow us to determine how many minutes per year a 60GHz link of a given distance will be impaired due to short periods of intense rainfall. All wireless equipment is prone to interference either electrically of atmospherically and Videcom choose their equipment and manage their designs taking into account many location factors, bandwidth congestion and cost.

    The Siklu 600TX maybe the world's smallest backhaul radio, (H x W x D): 5.9" x 6.1" x 3.54", 15cm x 15.5cm x 9cm with Gigabit capacity ideal for CCTV Wi-Fi solutions. Fast frequency planning and site acquisition in the interference free 57-64 GHz unlicensed band with 8x non-overlapping, Gigabit capacity, Channels. The all-outdoor fully IP rated enclosure contains a built-in Gigabit switch and extra ports, enabling connection to additional units or standard 5.8 Ghz dropping to camera groups. PoE-In and PoE-Out helps reduce the number of external devices used for servicing network elements such as cameras and Wi-Fi Access Points.


    For a more indepth read and details regading 60 Ghz PtP systems please visit VidOvations blog. VidOvation - moving video forward is a group of passionate problem solvers looking to end user frustrations with dropouts, latency, picture quality, interference and bandwidth constraints when transmiititng video, audio and data over cellular, wireless, fiber optic, or IP networks.